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WHO Calls for World Pandemic Treaty to Prepare for Deadly ‘Disease X’; “DISEASE X” — Are The Globalists Planning Another Pandemic, and other C-Virus related stories

WHO calls for world pandemic treaty to prepare for deadly ‘Disease X’:
World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus has called on countries to sign on to the health organization’s pandemic treaty so the world can prepare for “Disease X.”
Ghebreyesus, speaking in front of an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, said that he hoped countries would reach a pandemic agreement by May to address this “common enemy.”
Disease X is a hypothetical “placeholder” virus that has not yet been formed, but scientists say it could be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.
It was added to the WHO’s short list of pathogens for research in 2017 that could cause a “serious international epidemic,” according to a 2022 WHO press release.
Ghebreyesus said that COVID-19 was the first Disease X, but it’s important to prepare for another pandemic.
“There are things that are unknown that may happen, and anything happening is a matter of when, not if, so we need to have a placeholder for that, for the diseases we don’t know,” Ghebreyesus said.
“We lost many people [during COVID] because we couldn’t manage them,” Ghebreyesus said at the global confab. “They could have been saved, but there was no space. There was not enough oxygen. So how can you have a system that can expand when the need comes?”
He said that a shared response via the treaty would help the world better react to another outbreak. --->READ MORE HERE
“DISEASE X” — Are The Globalists Planning Another Pandemic?
People all over the world never want to hear the word “vaccine” again after the pandemic debacle.
Yet, with new mRNA biotechnology ready on the computer screen for the next genetic code to come in, you can see how vaccine ideologists cannot wait for another pandemic to test out the rapid release and enjoy booming sales of vaccine lots to governments.
What is “Disease X”?
It’s no surprise that the WHO and the WEF have formalized and endorsed this planning process for future Big Pharma profits, with the catchy name “Disease X.”
According to the WHO: With fresh warnings from the World Health Organization that an unknown “Disease X” could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic…”
WEF Plans are Underway
This week, at the annual World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, the WEF will devote a panel to discuss “novel efforts” needed to prepare the healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead. Among the hosts: who’s-who of Big Pharma.
As if this wasn’t ominous enough, the session is also linked to the “Collaborative Surveillance Initiative of the World Economic Form”. --->READ MORE HERE
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