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White Antiracist Enlightens His 8-Year-Old: ‘You’re Racist’: Raising the Next Generation of Guilt-Ridden Allies

White Antiracist Enlightens His 8-Year-Old: ‘You’re Racist’:
Raising the next generation of guilt-ridden allies.
At an “antiracism” website called, a proud white activist recently shared his personal experience guiding his daughter Aya, 8, toward the uncomfortable self-awareness that because she is white, she is racist even if – or perhaps especially if – she believes she is not. It is a disturbing look at the mindset of white antiracist “allies” who believe they are participating in the grand project of socially engineering a utopian future, starting with inculcating a racial consciousness and a corrosive guilt into their own innocent children.
“Explaining to My Eight-Year-Old That Yes, She Too, is Racist” is a heartfelt confession by Jonathan Osler, whose brief bio states that for more than 20 years, he “has worked to advance educational equity and racial justice as an educator, nonprofit leader, and parent organizer.” He is the curator of (where it reminds you that “as White people, whether as an Actor, Ally or Accomplice, we are still part of the ‘oppressor class’”) and the “co-founder of several equity-centered parent organizations in Oakland, California.” This is a man committed to liberating non-whites from the oppression of America’s systemically racist, white supremacist boot heel.
Osler writes about a family road trip during which the topic of racism arose and his young daughter Aya, who is white like her parents, declares from the back seat that she is not racist, that she plays with kids of other races at school and doesn’t care what they look like. For most people, this seems like a fair objection; after all, if you think nothing of other people’s skin color, and treat no one differently on that basis, you are not racist. It is as simple as that.
Not for the antiracist. The race-obsessed Progressive today believes that racism is not only “baked into” every structure, policy, tradition, and value of our oppressive society, but that it is also inherent in the unconscious biases of white people. Whites who reject this frankly racist accusation are simply in denial, according to antiracists. Bestselling race hustler Ibram X. Kendi even calls denial “the very heartbeat of racism.” So Jonathan Osler had to disabuse his daughter of her naïve self-defense.
Aya’s parents had already immersed her in antiracist social activism, such as “teach-ins about White privilege,” even before she could read. Her dad writes that the family talks with each other regularly about “racial inequities” at school, “police killings of Black people,” and “the horror of immigrants being separated from their families.” But her parents have assured her that “her White privilege will protect her from experiencing many of these harms.”
It isn’t “white privilege” that protects her from those experiences; simply obeying the law will shield her from all but the most unusual circumstances or bad luck. But antiracists bristle at the suggestion that those in approved victimhood categories have any agency to control their own circumstances. In an oppressive society, their thinking goes, the oppressed are always innocent and any racial disparities, such as a disproportionate representation in the prison population, are the result of systemic racism, not the behavior of oppressed People of Color™.
In any case, Jonathan Osler explained to Aya that racism isn’t just something perpetuated by a few bad apples like the police and Donald Trump (Osler actually named them as examples): “It’s us, too.” --->READ MORE HERE
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