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Wealthy Chinese Migrants are Invading at the Border: Border Invasion is Our New Immigration System; Biden Border Crisis Exposing US to 'exceedingly high' Sabotage Risk as Chinese Migrant Encounters Rise: Expert

Wealthy Chinese Migrants are Invading at the Border
Border invasion is our new immigration system.
The Biden administration refuses to secure the border, instead it promises to fight the “root cause” of millions of people invading America. All it has to do is find that root cause.
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed “the effects of climate change, poverty, increasing levels of authoritarianism.” In its joint communique with Mexico, the Biden administration promised to “address the root causes of migration, such as poverty, inequality, democratic decline, and violence.” The Mexican version left out “democratic decline” and then the Biden administration, to avoid embarrassing its undemocratic ally pulled the phrase entirely.
So at least we know that “democratic decline” isn’t a cause of people invading America.
The head of the North America bureau at the Mexican Foreign Ministry argued that the U.S. needs to spend more on “foreign investments to help alleviate poverty, the root cause of migration that leads to desperation and problems like violence and insecurity.”
American companies already outsourced huge chunks of our manufacturing to Mexico.
And U.S. companies are set to invest $40 billion in Mexico through this year and the Biden administration has been urging most companies to bring their supply chains to Mexico. Despite that, there were over 1.5 million border encounters with Mexican nationals in the last two fiscal years making it the top nation for illegal alien invaders. Bringing a Tesla plant to Mexico is not going to prevent the equivalent of the population of a major city from coming each year.
All the talk of root causes proposes that we solve all the social and economic problems of the rest of the world to get it to stop coming here. That’s somehow easier than building a wall.
The premise of the “root causes of migration” is that the migrants, who are generally young men, armed with cell phones and have thousands of dollars to spend on the trip, are the
“tired”, “poor”, “huddled masses” and “wretched refuse” from the poem semi-accidentally engraved on the Statue of Liberty. The reality is undermined by the Chinese Communist bourgeoisie who are showing up at the border and looking for jobs as software engineers.
Bloomberg (the magazine, not the former presidential candidate) profiled the wretched huddled masses of Chinese border migrants combining their illegal invasion with a vacation in Cancun. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden border crisis exposing US to 'exceedingly high' sabotage risk as Chinese migrant encounters rise: Expert
Footage captured in California showed a line of young Chinese male migrants waiting to be processed
Open border policies are putting the U.S. at risk of CCP infiltration, according to some experts, including one who warned that the "sabotage risk" of a Chinese migrant influx is "exceedingly high."
"The Communist Party is using that open border to infiltrate people who look like saboteurs, and they're linking up with these secret Chinese facilities like that lab in Reedley, California, that had at least 20 pathogens, including Ebola, and almost a thousand mice that have been genetically engineered to spread disease," Gordon Chang, Gatestone Institute senior fellow, and "The Coming Collapse of China" author, told FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo on Monday.
"There is a sabotage risk, which is exceedingly high, and it's not just the Chinese, it's the Iranians and Syrians and Venezuelans."
Chang's concerns follow the unearthing of a secret bio-lab in California that, according to a House report, had ties to the Chinese government.
It also follows exclusive NewsNation footage showing a line of neatly-dressed Chinese migrants encountered in the Golden State and coincides with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data indicating that encounters with Chinese migrants across all borders and points of entry have risen sharply within the past year.
According to the outlet, hundreds of Chinese migrants are living in "makeshift camps" in Jacumba Hot Springs while awaiting processing. NewsNation's report also stated the migrants expressed a desire to flee the Chinese communist government and seek asylum.
The "sabotage risk" of potentially dangerous entrants has led many to wonder when the next major terrorist attack could take place on U.S. soil. --->READ MORE HERE
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