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UKR Weapons Decimate RU Military Infrastructure, More Destruction to Come: Danilov; UK Offers Cruise-Missile Swap to GER to Aid UKR; UKR GS: 56 Combat Clashes front lines; RU Loses: 840 Sold, 22 Miss, 61 Art Sys, 200 Drones- Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Photo:REUTERS/Anna Voitenko
Ukrainian weapons decimate Russian military infrastructure, more destruction to come – Danilov:
Russian military infrastructure is facing substantial destruction from Ukrainian weaponry, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said on national television on Jan. 23.
“Currently, a lot of Russia’s military infrastructure is being destroyed by our own weapons,” said Danilov.
“A thousand kilometers is no longer a far distance for us to penetrate.”
Enemy’s air defense systems are not always able to respond to the threat, according to him.
“We are very proud of our defense achievements,” said Danilov.
“We have already done a lot of useful work by destroying the enemy not only in the temporarily occupied territories but also directly in the city where the ‘modern fuhrer’ was born, Mr. Putin (in Saint Petersburg. - Ed.), and other cities.”
Danilov noted that “more will follow.” --->READ MORE HERE
UK offers cruise-missile swap to Germany to aid Ukraine -Handelsblatt:
Britain has offered Germany a swap of cruise missiles that could allow the German government a way to overcome concerns over a suggested delivery of missiles to Ukraine, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday.
Kyiv has been pushing Berlin to supply its Taurus missiles, which could give Ukraine the ability to cause significant damage deeper within Russian-occupied territory, but the German government has remained hesitant out of concern that could trigger an international escalation of the conflict.
The paper cited government and diplomatic sources as saying that the British government had suggested to Berlin several weeks ago that it could export Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine and, in turn, receive the German Taurus missiles.
The office of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been analysing this proposal, the report added.
A person familiar with the negotiations said that the proposed swap could potentially find support in Berlin.
The German government declined to comment on the report.
When asked to comment, a spokesperson for the British Ministry of Defence said that the UK and its partners including Germany continue to work together to equip Ukraine as best as possible so that it can defend its territory. --->READ MORE HERE
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