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UKR Attacks Oil Depot inside RU Causes Massive Blaze; Watch American-Made Bradley Obliterate ‘most advanced’ RU Tank'. UKR Repels 98 Attacks in 7 Sectors; UKR Eliminates 780 RUs, 38 Armored Vehicles, 21 Tanks-1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

A Ukrainian drone attack on an oil depot inside Russia causes a massive blaze, officials say:
A Ukrainian drone struck an oil storage depot in western Russia on Friday, causing a massive blaze, officials said, as Kyiv’s forces apparently extended their attacks on Russian soil ahead of the war’s two-year anniversary.
Four oil reservoirs with a total capacity of 6,000 cubic meters (1.6 million gallons) were set on fire when the drone reached Klintsy, a city of some 70,000 people located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the Ukrainian border, according to the local governor and state news agency Tass.
The strike apparently was the latest in a recently intensified effort by Ukraine to unnerve Russians and undermine President Vladimir Putin’s claim that life in Russia is going on as normal before its March 17 presidential election.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed to hit more targets inside Russian border regions this year. Russia’s air defenses are concentrated in occupied regions of Ukraine, Kyiv officials say, leaving more distant targets inside Russia more vulnerable as Ukrainian forces develop longer-range drones.
The Russian city of Belgorod, also near the Ukrainian border, canceled its traditional Orthodox Epiphany festivities on Friday due to the threat of Ukrainian drone strikes. It was the first time major public events were known to have been called off in Russia due to the drone threat.
Ukrainian national media, quoting an official in Ukraine’s Intelligence Service, said Ukrainian drones on Friday also attacked a gunpowder mill in Tambov, about 600 kilometers (370 miles) south of Moscow. --->READ MORE HERE
Watch as American-made Bradley vehicle obliterates ‘most advanced’ Russian tank touted by Putin in Ukraine:
Take that!
Heart-pounding new drone footage shows the moment Ukrainian forces at the wheel of a US-built Bradley fighting vehicle blast a high-tech Russian tank to smithereens.
Video released by Kyiv’s 47th Mechanized Brigade shows the US-supplied vehicle hammering a Russian T-90 armored tank at close range in the town of Stepove in Donetsk — with the salvo disabling the target, according to a report from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper on Thursday.
After the Bradley’s guns disabled the tank, an armed drone moved in for the kill, the report said.
The crew of the heavy-duty Russian tank survived the initial barrage, but two were killed after fleeing the wreckage and a third was captured, the outlet reported.
“That T-90M took 20-plus 20 mm rounds to its frontal armor, and an [first-person view drone] and the entire crew survived,” Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, told the Telegraph.
“An [infantry fighting vehicle] or [armored personnel carrier] would not have been as lucky,” Lee added.
The T-90, one of Russia’s most effective tanks, has struggled during the Ukraine war, with at least 27 of the armored vehicles knocked out of action or captured to date.
That’s largely because the Kremlin has favored military vehicles with more ammunition and maneuverability — and less protective armor, said Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former British Army tank commander.
“It shows just how vulnerable Russian tanks are, because protection comes a distant third to firepower and mobility,” de Bretton-Gordon told the Telegraph. --->READ MORE HERE
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