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Trump Urges States to Surge National Guard to Texas as Abbott Standoff With Biden Accelerates; Other Governors Back Texas on Border as Trump Calls on Them to Send ‘Guards’ There; “Hold the line”: Republicans Rally to Abbott’s Defense in Border Standoff with Biden

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Trump urges states to surge National Guard to Texas as Abbott standoff with Biden accelerates:
Former President Donald Trump on Thursday gave his backing to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott amid the latter’s feud with the Biden administration over border security — urging states to send their National Guards to the border and promising to work "hand in hand" with the state to combat the "invasion" if he is inaugurated again in January 2025.
In posts to Truth Social, Trump backed Abbott and accused President Biden of "fighting to tie the hands" of the Republican governor "so that the Invasion continues unchecked."
A feud that has been bubbling for months between Texas and the administration exploded in recent weeks after Texas seized the Shelby Park area of Eagle Pass and blocked Border Patrol from entering — sparking protests and threats of legal action from the administration.
The Supreme Court this week found in the administration's favor when it granted an emergency appeal to allow agents to keep cutting border wire set up by Texas along the border, after a lower court had blocked the administration from doing so.
The two sides have been feuding since 2021 when the migrant crisis escalated and Texas launched Operation Lone Star to surge resources to the border. The administration recently sued over an anti-illegal immigration law that allows state and local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants. It has also sued over the state’s setting up of buoys in the Rio Grande. The administration says immigration enforcement is up to the federal government and Texas is interfering. --->READ MORE HERE
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Other Governors Back Texas on Border as Trump Calls on Them to Send ‘Guards’ There:
Former President Donald Trump is calling on state governors to help Texas “repel the invasion” of illegal immigrants along America’s southern border.
“We encourage all willing states to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of Illegals, and to remove them back across the border,” Trump wrote Thursday on Truth Social, his social media platform.
“All Americans should support the commonsense measures by Texas authorities to protect the safety, security, and sovereignty of Texas, and of the American people,” he wrote.
The Republican governors of at least 16 other states have signaled their support for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in the standoff.
BREAKING: Trump calls for all willing state governors to deploy their national guards to Texas and to remove the illegals back across the border

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Supreme Court’s Order
Trump’s call for other governors to support Texas comes after the Supreme Court ruling Monday cleared the way for the Border Patrol and other federal authorities to cut and remove the razor wire installed by the Texas National Guard along the state’s border with Mexico.
The Supreme Court decided 5-4 against Texas’ position and in favor of the Biden administration.
An appeals court had temporarily blocked the federal government from removing the razor wire while the state’s lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security moved forward. But the high court ordered that Texas must allow federal border authorities to remove the wire used to block illegal aliens while the case advances through lower courts. --->READ MORE HERE
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“Hold the line”: Republicans rally to Abbott’s defense in border standoff with Biden:

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