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The Dark World of Hamas’ Sadism and Sexual Torture; The Roots of a Death Cult; Why Have Feminists Been So Slow to Condemn the Hamas Rapes?

The Dark World of Hamas’ Sadism and Sexual Torture;
The roots of a death cult.
The “Bible” of the English Language, the Oxford English Dictionary of 1932, defined the word “ghoul” as “An evil spirit supposed in Mohammedan countries to rob graves and prey on human corpses.”
That sounds right. The world was even treated to a display of this on October 7 when an army of Jihadist Arabs violently raped not only living Jewish females but also their dead bodies. One can also assume that they sodomized the remains of dead Jewish men and boys too.
From reports by survivors of captivity in Gaza, there is reason to believe, given what is known of Arab sexuality, that the remaining men and boy hostages have been sodomized and females continually raped throughout their two months of captivity.
It would be instructive to note that the Jewish Bible teaches that Ishmael, father of the Arabs, was a “wild ass of a man” – meaning a man in human form but in spirit an undomesticated jackass with, presumably, the sex life of an animal.
The Jewish people, meanwhile, have a very different relationship with the human body. The Jews were mankind’s first sexual moralists, which surely contributes to Jew-hatred. The Jews, after all, gave the world the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
The Jews’ religion also sometimes calls for capital punishment by hanging, with the rule that the corpse must be taken down and buried before sunset. It must not be allowed to be pecked at by birds or allowed to decompose and smell. No matter how awful the criminal had been, his body was the handiwork of G-d.
And so, the IDF has lost soldiers in Gaza trying to retrieve the bodies of dead comrades-in-arms who either expired from the bestiality of their barbaric captors or were outright murdered by them. Indeed, since 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood (HAMAS) in Gaza has held onto the earthly remains of two IDF soldiers, tormenting their parents every day since then by not returning their sons for a proper Jewish burial.
Besides being sub-civilized ghouls who deal in dead bodies, Muslim Arabs have long histories of being kidnappers and enslavers. For a thousand years before the first black African was enslaved in the New World, the Arabs routinely had been raiding black Africa to scoop up black boys, hundreds at a time and castrate them on the spot. Most did not survive, but those who did were taken back into the Arab world and sold as eunuchs to tend to the needs of a Muslim man’s harem. --->READ MORE HERE
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Why Have Feminists Been So Slow to Condemn the Hamas Rapes? Why Have Feminists Been So Slow to Condemn the Hamas Rapes?
On October 7, Hamas fighters raped Israeli women and girls. Whatever may have been unknown in the immediate aftermath of the attack, the rapes are by now as substantiated as anything ever can be in an ongoing war. There is eyewitness testimony. There are reports from doctors and others who saw bodies of women who had been sexually abused. There are photographs. You have to be a conspiracist or rape denialist to dismiss all that as fabricated. And yet, social media is crammed with dismissals of the evidence as Israeli propaganda. Take journalist Max Blumenthal, who claimed in a tweet last week that “Israel is inventing stories of mass rape on October 7.” His Grayzone colleague Aaron Maté demanded to see “purported rape victims offering direct testimony.” Never mind that they are dead.
All that is to be expected in the more overzealous corners of the Internet. More concerning is that up until recently, feminist groups in the United States have had little to say. This silence sits oddly with how quick our movement has been to credit much iffier claims and to raise consciousness around sexual misconduct that falls far short of rape. What happened to the clarion call to “believe women”? What happened to #metoo? Even in the early days after October 7—and despite the fact that most rape victims were dead or possibly among the hostages, preventing the kind of personal testimony that skeptics demanded—there was evidence of sexual violence. Take the photo of the young woman being carried off to Gaza with blood on the rear and crotch of her pants. Which is more likely: that this woman had been violently raped, or that a Hamas leader was telling the truth when he asserted that rape could not have occurred because sex outside marriage is forbidden by Islam?
Where’s the Women’s March? Feminist Majority? The National Women’s Studies Association? Despite much urging, It took the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women eight weeks to issue a statement condemning the October 7 attacks, finally expressing alarm over “the numerous accounts of gender-based atrocities and sexual violence” and calling for investigation and prosecution. At a December 4 UN special session on the rapes, convened by Israel, the keynote speaker was former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg, who had helped organize it. Sandberg is anathema to many progressive feminists. But credit where due: At least she spoke up loudly and in public, which is more than our movement leaders have done.
Slowly, under pressure from the media, some feminist organizations are finally chiming in. On November 30, the National Organization for Women issued a press release in which national president Christian F. Nunes said “rape must never be part of a battle plan” and condemned the “deafening silence” around “these widespread crimes against humanity.” Oddly, the words “Israel,“ Hamas,” and “October 7” do not appear. Talk about a deafening silence!
In the wake of the UN session, more groups are answering the call. Planned Parenthood released a statement on December 5: “On October 7, Hamas unleashed a brutal attack in Israel, killing over one thousand civilians, sexually assaulting women and girls, and kidnapping over 200 people, many of whom remain captive.” On December 6, V-day, the organization founded by the playwright and activist V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) to fight violence against women, posted a statement on its website that alluded to the rapes, but without mentioning Hamas or October 7. (“We know how rape and sexual assault is used as a weapon of war and we have always unequivocally condemned it wherever it has happened, whenever it has happened. And we do so now.”) The next day, the Women’s Media Center issued a statement condemning Hamas for “sexualized violence.”
Here is my question: Why should there be so much doubt that Hamas fighters—who undeniably killed in the most brutal way some 1,200 people, including whole families, women, children, babies, and even Thai farm workers—would also commit rape? --->READ MORE HERE
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