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Shameful Treatment of NYC Students as Migrants Needs Come First; NYC Students Forced to Stay Home After Migrants Took Over School Gym Used as Shelter

Paul Martinka
Shameful treatment of NYC students as migrants needs come first:
It’s utterly unforgivable that thousands of James Madison HS students had their education disrupted when their Brooklyn school was closed to house nearly 2,000 migrants.
Fearing that Tuesday’s torrential rains and high winds would collapse the huge migrant tent at Floyd Bennet Field, city officials commandeered James Madison’s gym as an emergency shelter — forcing the school to declare a day of “remote learning.”
Which proved as complete a joke as it was during COVID: Parents reported that many online classes didn’t happen as teachers failed to log in.
Did City Hall just not have an emergency plan, or was this it?
Either way, it’s an outrage — and one all too likely to recur as the weather worsens.
Parents had every right to go ballistic: Their children’s education got sacrificed for the illegal migrants’ comfort.
City Hall has to stop making these decisions on the fly (or, if this was the plan, keeping this stuff secret). --->READ MORE HERE
NYC students forced to stay home after migrants took over school gym used as shelter:
Brooklyn high school students were forced to learn remotely Wednesday as nearly 2,000 migrants using their gym as a storm shelter were bused back to a nearby tent city.
Concerns that torrential rains and powerful winds would collapse a massive migrant tent at Floyd Bennett Field led to the move Tuesday night — though migrants had already been cleared out of James Madison High School at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Despite their early departure, which a source described to The Post as “madness,” the school remained remote on Wednesday at the principal’s request, City Hall said.
The sheer number of workers needed to smoothly transport the 1,900 asylum seekers made the chaotic scene feel “like a concert,” the source added.
Photos shared on social media platform X by Mayor Eric Adams appeared to show migrant families, including children, sleeping on the floor of the school’s gymnasium.
“As of 0427 Hours our temporary relocation of Floyd Bennett Field HERRC guests to James Madison High School was completed and all guests safely returned to Floyd Bennett Field HERRC,” the Office of Emergency Management wrote alongside the photos.
The migrants — who were moved to the school around 5 p.m. Tuesday as a precaution against the storm — were met with fierce backlash from some in the neighborhood. As a result, Assemblyman Michael Novakhov (R-Brooklyn) called for a rally Wednesday morning outside the high school to protest the disruption of students’ education.
A few parents staked out the school Tuesday as buses dropped off migrants, with one irate mother yelling, “How do you feel? Does it feel good?” --->READ MORE HERE
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