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Record 12,600 Migrants Encountered at Border in 24 Hours — as Backlog for Immigration Hearings Breaks 3 Million; More Than '14,000' Cross the Border in a Day in the Highest 24-Hour Total in HISTORY

Record 12,600 migrants encountered at border in 24 hours — as backlog for immigration hearings breaks 3 million:
America’s border crisis is worsening with a record 12,600 migrants encountered by Customs and Border Protection officers in 24 hours Monday, according to Fox News.
Pictures showed a sea of thousands of newly arrived migrants huddled in neat lines as they awaited processing after illegally crossing into Eagle Pass, Texas.
Many had walked across the Rio Grande river which serves as the border between the US and Mexico with plans to seek asylum.
Numbers have reached the highest ever recorded since the end of Title 42 measures in May. August saw more than 304,000 migrants attempt to gain entry to the US, September increased to 341,000 and October logged 310,000.
Border resources are stretched so thin, road and rail crossings have been closed so all available officers can be diverted to processing the arriving migrants.
The Biden administration’s plan to control the flow was for migrants to wait in another country until they could get an appointment via the CBP One app, with up to 30,000 people per month allowed into the US to pursue asylum applications.
“Do not just show up at the border. Stay where you are and apply legally from there,” President Biden said in January.
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also claimed a month later: “People who arrive at the border without using a lawful pathway will be presumed ineligible for asylum.”
In practice that has not been the case and 78% of all those encountered at the Southwest border in October — 188,778 people — crossed into the country illegally between points of entry.
Most aren’t being ejected, with the Department of Homeland security revealing between May and September they had removed or returned “over 300,000 individuals,” which equates to around 60,000 people per month — less than 30% of those who had arrived on US soil during that time.
Those now arriving at the border are not just those who claim to be fleeing persecution and failing regimes in South America. CBP figures show increases in those arriving from China, India, Russia and Africa. --->READ MORE HERE
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More than '14,000' cross the border in a day in in the highest 24-hour total in HISTORY:
U.S. apprehensions of migrants at the border hit a new record Monday, with at least 12,600 encounters during a period of just 24 hours.
The stunning spike comes as US Customs and Border Protection announced it would suspend rail operations at a pair of international crossings.
The agency pledged to continue to prioritize its 'border security mission' amid a situation it called 'evolving.'
The latest figures include 11,000 border apprehensions and an additional 1,600 migrants encountered at official points of entry, Fox News reported, based on CBP sources, edging past the prior record of 12,000 two weeks ago.
Texas Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales put the figure even higher, posting about the 'historic' numbers on X and saying there were 26,000 border crossers already in custody.
'Tuesday morning in Eagle Pass. 14,000+ crossed ILLEGALLY yesterday & 26,000+ already in custody - the HIGHEST in US history. Christmas Day will be WORSE. President Biden has abandoned border communities like mine,' wrote the lawmaker, who represents Hidalgo County.
CBP suspended the freight crossings in Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, in order to shift staffing to deal with the surging number of migrants.
Vehicular and pedestrian crossings at ports in San Ysidro, Calif., Lukeville, Ariz., and Eagle Pass, Texas have also been shut down in recent weeks. --->READ MORE HERE
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