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It’s the Groceries, Stupid: Why the Pundits are Puzzled by Biden’s Putrid Polls; Shoppers Slammed as Grocery Store Bills That Once Cost $100 in 2019 Now Up to $125: Survey

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It’s the groceries, stupid: Why the pundits are puzzled by Biden’s putrid polls:
By regularly griping about the supposed mystery of why so many voters say they prefer Donald Trump or another Republican, President Biden’s pundit backers mainly expose their own elitist ignorance.
Because if they’d been shopping to feed their families these last few years, they would have noticed the average grocery bill has shot up 25%.
And wage growth hasn’t remotely kept pace: It rose less than inflation for Biden’s first two years, and while the 2023 stats aren’t final, it wasn’t a ton better last year.
Inflation has eased some in recent months, but remains well above 3% — and may well spike back up as Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping create new global supply-chain disruptions.
Perhaps because they drive electric vehicles, the pro-Biden pundits may have missed the huge hike in pump prices on his watch — a daily nightmare driven largely by his policies.
And while Democrats may find it convenient to forget, plenty of voters will recall how this president spent months insisting inflation was “transitory” even as it was raging up toward 9%.
Oh, and few pundits are all that young, so they also lack personal experience of how high interest rates (raised to combat Bidenflation) are a huge reason why buying a first home is increasingly out of reach for the middle class. --->READ MORE HERE
Shoppers slammed as grocery store bills that once cost $100 in 2019 now up to $125: survey
Americans are furious as they continue to get crushed by high grocery store bills despite inflation nearing pre-COVID levels, according to a new survey.
The latest Axio Vibe Check survey of 2,120 adults in December revealed that about 72% of respondents felt inflation was still hitting hard at the grocery store.
Nearly 60 percent also said they feel anger, anxiousnes, and resignation whenever they shop for groceries as they struggle to make their budgets work.
The negative feelings at the grocery store come as food prices remain stubbornly high despite inflation plummeting since reaching a four-decade high of 9.1% last summer.
Now at just 3.4%, inflation is nearing the Federal Reserves’ target goal of 2%, but not all prices are dropping equally.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that in December, the cost of groceries were still on the incline, with the cost of cereals and bakery products up 2.6% and fruits and vegetables up 0.3% since last year.
The price of eggs also shot up 8.9% from November, which was fueled not only by inflation but by the effects of bird flu that is once again ravaging the industry.
Overall, the category of “food at home prices” rose 1.3% for 2023, a seemingly small number but one that comes after years of high costs and a high of 13.5% in August.
This means that Americans who spent $100 on their grocery bills in 2019 would be spending about $125.51 on the same amount of food in December, according to data from the BLS. --->READ MORE HERE
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