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House Republicans Looking to Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas Give Him ‘last chance’ Warning; Republicans Clash with Sec. Mayorkas as Final Impeachment Hearing Approaches WITHOUT Him

House Republicans looking to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas give him ‘last chance’ warning:
House Republicans pursuing the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanded Wednesday that he submit written testimony, warning that it was his “last chance” to answer for his handling of the southern border crisis.
“The Committee has given Secretary Mayorkas chance after chance to appear and explain his actions, decisions, and statements to us and to the American people,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn.) said in a statement.
“Over the past several months, he has tacitly rejected those offers, resorting instead to political games and delay. We would have liked to include his oral testimony in the official record of these historic proceedings.”
Green said his committee “will not accept indefinite delays” and the “request for written testimony from Secretary Mayorkas is his last chance to show some semblance of respect for the people’s representatives and our constitutional oversight duties.”
“The American people are begging for Congress to act, and we will heed that call. Congressional oversight will continue, with or without Secretary Mayorkas’ cooperation,” he added.
In a letter to Mayorkas, Green added that the secretary has evaded “every invitation for almost half a year” to testify, but DHS claimed that the committee had not worked with it to find a date that fit the secretary’s schedule.
Mayorkas informed Green last week that he would be unable to attend Thursday’s second public hearing in the impeachment probe, since he was hosting a delegation of Mexican officials on the same day.
“It’s abundantly clear that they are not interested in hearing from Secretary Mayorkas since it doesn’t fit into their bad-faith, predetermined and unconstitutional rush to impeach him,” DHS press secretary Mia Ehrenberg said. --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans clash with Sec. Mayorkas as final impeachment hearing approaches WITHOUT him: DHS fires back at 'sham' process by the GOP despite warning him of 'last chance' before possible contempt of Congress citation:
The second and final impeachment hearing into Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas' handling of the southern border catastrophe is occurring Thursday - without the secretary.
It comes amid a clash between the GOP and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over making the secretary available for questioning.
Top Republican Mark Green says his committee's multiple requests for Mayorkas to publicly testify have been rebuffed by DHS over the last six months, and he is reportedly 'considering' a contempt of Congress charge.
Notably, the committee has previously subpoenaed Mayorkas for documents related to Afghan vetting and other information, but not for testimony. It is unclear if a fresh subpoena would be issued first before Republicans move forward with a contempt citation.
DHS spokesperson Mia Ehrenberg accused the GOP of engaging in a 'sham' impeachment process and said Mayorkas would 'make himself available' to testify before the committee - but the January 18 date did not work because he is hosting a Mexican delegation.
A GOP aide brushed off the agency's response, telling that this is just the latest in a pattern of delaying and not engaging in good faith by DHS.
And now that the final hearing is rapidly approaching, Republicans reversed course and demanded in a Wednesday letter to Mayorkas that he at least provide written testimony, calling it his 'last chance.' --->READ MORE HERE
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