Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Fentanyl Crisis Begins at the Border – ‘It’s flooding the country’; Biden’s US Border Crisis is Now Deadly Enough to Kill EVERY American

Britt: Fentanyl crisis begins at the border – ‘It’s flooding the country’
Last week, U.S. Senator Katie Britt spoke to a panel of seasoned law enforcement professionals and an award-winning country music singer on a subject they are all firsthand witnesses to: The growing crisis of Fentanyl in America.
Britt opened her remarks by raising an urgent call to address the national security, humanitarian, and economic crisis at the United States’ southern border — a situation she believes exacerbates the influx of fentanyl into communities nationwide.
Britt noted there were over 112,000 overdoses in 2023, all representing real people with their own individual stories of pain, tragedy, and loss.
She outlined numerous policy solutions contained in over 15 pieces of legislation she has sponsored or co-sponsored, aimed at resolving the border crisis.
“We need to secure it with personnel, more personnel, physical barriers, technological barriers; we’ve got to fix the broken asylum process; we have got to stop the abuse of parole, bolster interior enforcement, execute final orders of removal, end Catch and Release, put back in Remain in Mexico – we owe it to the citizens of our great nation to secure it, and to help stop the flow of fentanyl.”
Britt said the massive flow of fentanyl is more than just a national security crisis.
“Make no mistake – this is a national security crisis, an economic crisis, and a humanitarian crisis. The human costs … are absolutely heart-breaking and gut-wrenching. The massive influx of fentanyl into the United States has left no community untouched.” --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s US border crisis is now deadly enough to kill EVERY American:
Joe Biden’s border crisis is deadly enough to kill every American, literally — as proven by the 386 million doses of fentanyl seized by the DEA in 2023.
Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans between 18 and 45.
The 12 months ending in April 2023 saw more than 111,355 overdose deaths among Americans — even higher than the already record-breaking 110,394 the year before.
At an average of 22 deaths per week, the death rate for teen drug ODs in 2022 more than doubled the rate in 2018, another grim figure driven by the synthetic opioid.
Fentanyl victim Ashley Dunn died of an overdose in 2021; her mother gave heartbreaking testimony before Congress Thursday at an impeachment inquiry hearing for Biden’s border enabler No. 1, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
Pathetically, slimy Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) tried to deflect blame onto a supposed lack of Customs and Border Protection resources, only to be thunderously and correctly shut down by Ashley’s mother, Josephine.
Making Goldman’s smug indifference worse, nearly 10% of the DEA’s record 2023 fentanyl haul was captured right here in New York. --->READ MORE HERE
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