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Drone Attacks Against RU After Deadliest Airstrike on UKR; UKR Launches Widespread Drone Attack On Military Facilities Across RU; RUs Fail 11 Attempts to Storm UKR Positions On Kherson Oblast's L.Bank; UKR kills 750 RUs, Destroys 16 Tanks-1Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Drone attacks launched against Russia after deadliest airstrike on Ukraine:
he death toll in Ukraine increased to 39 a day after the biggest Russian air assault on the country since the beginning of the nearly two-year-old conflict, according to reports.
“Almost 120 cities and villages have been affected with hundreds of civilian objects damaged,” said Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in a post on X Saturday, adding the attack resulted 159 wounded in the Friday assault which saw Russia launch more than 150 missiles and drones at Ukrainian targets over 18 hours.
In his tweet, Zelensky pushed the West to continue to help his country in the now long-running battle.
“Weapons in the hands of Ukrainians are always a means of protecting lives, and each manifestation of Russian terror repeatedly proves that we cannot delay assistance to those who stand against terror,” he said. “Together, we must defeat it.”
As Ukraine dug out from the aftermath of the attack, Russian authorities said their military had shot down dozens of missiles and drones Saturday which left 14 people, including two children, dead in the country’s southwest.
Units in the country’s Belgorod region had thwarted “an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack”, the Russian defense ministry said.
Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor of the Belgorod region, said a man had been killed when a house was struck. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:Німецька допомога Україні / Х
Ukraine launches widespread drone attack on military facilities across Russia:
The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a massive drone attack on Russian military facilities across Russia on the night of Dec. 30, Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne reported, citing sources in the special services.
According to Suspilne, over 70 drones were used in the attack, with explosions occurring in Moscow, Belgorod, Tula, and Tver. A group of drones also targeted Bryansk’s Kremniy El, a major microelectronics manufacturer for Russian military equipment, including long-range missiles and Pantsyr air defense systems
Although Russian air defense systems managed to shoot down some of the drones, a significant number were able to effectively hit their targets.
"Unlike Russian terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine, the Security and Defense Forces have exclusively hit enemy military targets," the sources said.
Russian air defense systems intercepted and downed 32 drones within the country's airspace at night, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Telegram on Dec. 30. The drones were purportedly taken down over the regions of Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk, and Moscow oblasts.
The governor of Bryansk Oblast, Aleksandr Bogomaz, claimed that six drones were shot down overnight over Bryansk and the Bryansky district. --->READ MORE HERE
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