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Dr. Fauci and the ‘Sort of Just Appeared’ Defense; The Phrase is the Complete Opposite of Taking Responsibility for Covid Policies; Thanks to Fauci & Co., America Now Must Worry About Measles Outbreaks, and other C-Virus related stories

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Dr. Fauci and the ‘Sort of Just Appeared’ Defense:
The phrase is the complete opposite of taking responsibility for Covid policies
Dr. Anthony Fauci’s closed-door testimony reveals the lack of hard evidence behind his arbitrary policies and practices during the pandemic (“Anthony Fauci Fesses Up,” Review & Outlook, Jan. 12). It is a striking example of the sluggish and phlegmatic bureaucracies at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.
These institutions could have assembled rapid pilot or large research projects to test the underlying premises of mask mandates, 6-foot social distancing, school closings, and the safety of indoor and outdoor assemblies and public transportation. Instead, policies were borrowed from prevailing wisdom and precedent or were created without hard evidence. These government agencies need rapid-response mechanisms to assemble research teams when confronted with unprecedented, emerging public-health disasters. --->READ MORE HERE
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Thanks to Fauci & Co., America now must worry about measles outbreaks:
Washington, DC, health officials are sounding the siren about a possible measles exposure at two local airports — and thanks to years of chronic dishonesty and bungling from our public health “experts” on COVID, this is now something the nation actually has to worry about.
Because the rate of measles vaccinations for kids has plummeted.
The 2021-2022 academic year saw only 93% of kindergartners with an MMR vaccine; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have charted vaccine exemptions as the highest they’ve ever been.
If you think that same agency’s endless flip-flopping and outright lying on COVID, vaccines, masks, and social distancing aren’t a prime cause of this, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you.
Masking for toddlers.
Demanding that vaccinated people quarantine after mere exposure to COVID.
Slow-walking school reopenings, long after evidence showed kids weren’t at real risk from the virus and schools weren’t significant transmission vectors.
The list is endless.
And that’s to say nothing of the fact that other federal agencies engaged in the same nonsense.
Remember the FDA’s disastrous Johnson & Johnson vaccine “pause”?
That sent all COVID-vaccine uptake rates crashing from their April 2021 height.
And this was even as our elites screamed and shouted that anyone who didn’t take one of the other vaccines (which have a tiny but real chance of bad side effects) was the modern-day equivalent of a Nazi — even if they already had excellent immunity from having already had COVID. --->READ MORE HERE
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