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Chinese Lab Had COVID-19 Mapped Two Weeks Before Global Outbreak: Documents; China’s Withholding of COVID-19 Bug’s Genome for Weeks Just Adds to Its Outrageous Record, and other C-Virus related stories

Chinese lab had COVID-19 mapped two weeks before global outbreak: documents:
A Chinese researcher isolated and mapped out COVID-19 — and submitted it to a US-run database — at least two weeks before Beijing officially identified the virus which has claimed more than 3 million lives worldwide, according to bombshell new documents.
The documents, obtained from the US Department of Health and Human Services by House Republicans and first reported by the Wall Street Journal, show virologist Dr. Lili Ren uploaded nearly the entire sequence of COVID-19’s structure to a US government-run database on Dec. 28, 2019.
Her work was nearly identical to what Beijing eventually presented to the World Health Organization on January 11, 2020, when the virus had already spread across the world, according to the documents obtained by Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
The extra two weeks could have proven pivotal to the global response to the pandemic and the development of COVID-19 vaccines as scientists were racing to understand the virus in late 2019 and early 2020.
Ren, of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, attempted to publish information on the virus to GenBank, operated by the US National Institutes of Health.
Her work, however, was never published on the site, but rather deleted after she failed to respond to technical issues with her submission — issues that did not pertain to the science backing her work, the documents state. --->READ MORE HERE
China’s withholding of COVID-19 bug’s genome for weeks just adds to its outrageous record:
Add a new chapter to Beijing’s long record of COVID chicanery: Turns out a Chinese researcher actually mapped the novel virus’ genome by Dec. 28, 2019 — two weeks before Beijing shared that vital info with the rest of the world.
We’ll never know how many lives greater openness would have saved, but the Communist regime’s compulsive secrecy plainly proved toxic.
Documents obtained by the House Energy and Commerce Committee show that a Chinese researcher, Dr. Lili Ren, uploaded her map of the virus’ genome to a US National Institutes of Health database on Dec. 28.
Because she failed to respond to any NIH questions, the sequence was never published and later deleted. Did her superiors intervene to keep her quiet?
Reporting in the years since indicates China’s equivalent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention got the info only on Jan. 5.
We’ll likely never know what internal-CCP political considerations drove that eight-day delay, nor why it took Bejing until Jan. 11 to finally share the genome with the World Health Organization.
The extra weeks would’ve helped researchers across the globe take earlier steps to fight the virus and, perhaps, track down its origins.
The news “underscores how cautious we have to be about the accuracy of the information” from China’s government, warns Jesse Bloom, a virologist who’s seen the documents. --->READ MORE HERE
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