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Biden Smears Opponents As Nazis While Democrat Voters Riot For Jewish Genocide; While Democrat Voters Riot for Ethnic Cleansing of Jews, Joe Biden’s Propaganda Army Claims the Real Nazis are Grandmas Wearing MAGA Hats; America For Sale: Biden Goes Full Hitler

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Biden Smears Opponents As Nazis While Democrat Voters Riot For Jewish Genocide:
While Democrat voters riot for ethnic cleansing of Jews, Joe Biden’s propaganda army claims the real Nazis are grandmas wearing MAGA hats.
Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign theme portrays his political opponents as violent, insurrectionary, racist Nazis. Corporate media will blanket your eyes and ears with that slander against the vast majority of America while ignoring the left’s unchecked acts of political violence.
Jesse Singal posted on X an internal Washington Post email discussing how to even more thickly smear the solid majority of Americans who oppose racial preferences as racists. In it, race editor Renae Merle previews the next company “brainstorming session” focusing on the “backlash against diversity, equity, and inclusion programs (DEI).”
“[L]et’s talk through how we can expand and elevate our coverage,” which she described as already “extensive[].”
We already know corporate media rigs elections with news coverage so prejudiced it’s no longer just biased but now outright propaganda. Corporate U.S. outlets act effectively like outlets in Communist China, which only differ in levels of pretended distance from government control. Just recently, it surfaced that the White House keeps an actual spreadsheet reviewing media coverage and holds off-record meetings with reporters telling them how to “do better next time.”
As my colleague Eddie Scarry noted, corporate media already functions as a brute-force amplifier of White House talking points. Biden breaks historic American norms to frame half the country as the worst devil most people have ever heard of, and every outlet from the Associated Press to Reuters to the cable networks become little Claudine Gays who CTRL-C, CTRL-P this calumny across every screen in the country.
This amazing, election-shifting media propaganda machine still isn’t strong enough to secure complete one-party Democrat rule. So they also create, promote, and run through “nonprofit” cutouts a massive internet censorship enterprise to ensure that the few voices not speaking government-approved messages scream into artificially emptied social media chambers. --->READ MORE HERE
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America for sale: Biden goes full Hitler:
Indeed, as the old saying goes, the child is the father of the man, which explains why President Biden learned his modesty from his son Hunter.
Only a crackhead, whore-loving sex tape star who shakes down corrupt foreign governments for millions of dollars, selling access to his lifelong politician father, could be son to the president we have witnessed these past few days. And just when you thought our president could not get any more dishonest, self-serving and delusional in his quest to destroy former President Donald Trump and anyone who supports him.
On Friday, Mr. Biden traveled to Valley Forge to rewrite history and pretend he is some kind of George Washington. Mr. Biden is not worthy to clean George Washington’s wooden teeth.
Mr. Biden has come unglued with hateful rage for American citizens who support his political adversary — a dangerous new low for our country.
Even in the throes of the actual Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln never stooped to attack those who dared not support his political campaigns. On the contrary, after Gettysburg, Lincoln reverentially expressed gratitude to all the soldiers who died in that battle, consecrating the battlefield in ways that he could not.
Trump supporters today, Mr. Biden said, “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”
What politician talks like that about American citizens — just because they don’t support him?
Worse, Mr. Biden’s Department of Justice has imprisoned hundreds of his political opponents and this past weekend vowed to imprison even more.
This is the kind of dangerous political demagoguery that inspired Democratic voter James Hodgkinson to shoot six people at a baseball field in an attempt to assassinate as many Republican members of the House of Representatives as he could. --->READ MORE HERE
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