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Attacking Muslims Gets You 5 Years. Attacking Jews Gets a Pass: Two Cases. Two Very Different Outcomes; France: Muslim Migrant Stabs Elderly Couple With Butcher’s Knife Inside Crowded Mall Food Court: France's Coverup of Muslim 'incidents'

Attacking Muslims Gets You 5 Years. Attacking Jews Gets a Pass:
Two cases. Two very different outcomes.
The distance between a Turkish restaurant and a Sushi place in Los Angeles is a short drive and a politicized legal system that punishes attacks on Muslims and Jews very differently.
On Nov 4, 2020, during the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, two Armenian men attacked a Turkish restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. Federal hate crimes charges were brought against them. One of the men in the ‘Islamophobic’ attack was sentenced to 5 years in prison while the other was thrown in jail for 15 months.
On May 18, 2021, during fighting between Israel and Hamas, a pro-terrorist convoy passed Sushi Fumi, a restaurant 10 minutes away from the Turkish place. Members of the convoy assaulted Jewish diners, waved a terror flag, demanded to know who at the restaurant was Jewish, and witnesses said chanted, “Death to Jews” and “Free Palestine”.
(Among the Jewish men, an Armenian Christian man dining with them also faced violence.)
There were no federal charges. The Muslims faced two two felony counts of assault. A judge let them off with probation and ordered them to visit a Holocaust museum.
The difference between 5 years in prison and an order to visit a Holocaust museum is the vast gulf between how attacks on Muslims and Muslim attacks on Jews are treated. While it can be hard to measure and compare the treatment of different groups, the attacks on two restaurants within walking distance of each other a year apart is revealing of the very different treatments.
Both of the attacks happened within the context of fighting abroad. Both involved convoys of protesters. In both cases, a vehicle diverted to a restaurant where its members expected to find members of a group they opposed. In both cases they demanded to know whether the people there were members of that group: Turkish in the former case and Jewish in the latter. --->READ MORE HERE
France: Muslim Migrant Stabs Elderly Couple With Butcher’s Knife Inside Crowded Mall Food Court:
France's coverup of Muslim 'incidents'.
In France, in the middle of the day, in the middle of a crowded mall, in the middle of a city, a Moroccan migrant stabbed an elderly couple in an attempt to kill them both. He nearly succeeded, but as of now, they are alive and no longer in critical condition. More on this, the latest example of a Muslim-on-French atrocity, can be found here: “France’s ‘Black Friday’: Moroccan migrant brutally hacks elderly couple with butcher’s knife inside crowded mall food court,” by John Cody, Remix News, November 28, 2023:
A couple in their seventies were seriously injured in a brutal stabbing attack on Saturday in the food court of a mall in the French city of Amboise. A 54-year-old Moroccan migrant has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The 78-year-old man and the 73-year-old woman were ambushed and stabbed multiple times inside the food court in the Leclerc shopping center at 3:00 p.m. The attacker, armed with a butcher’s knife, was quickly subdued by a crowd of people and placed under arrest, according to the Tours prosecutor’s office, but not before he inflicted serious and life-threatening injuries on the victims.

One of the victims was stabbed in the head and thorax, while the second was stabbed in the neck and thorax, resulting in a horrifying scene during the busy holiday shopping season; the mall was crowded especially due to Black Friday deals.

The perpetrator of the attack was neutralized by an employee of the restaurant, then by the security guards,” stated the public prosecutor of Tours, Catherine Sorita-Minard.

Prosecutors say it appears the perpetrator knew the victims, according to French news outlet Actu 17. Authorities are still working to establish a motive....
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