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UKRaine Shoots Down 3 RU Warplanes in Blitz Operation; UKR Repels 17 RU Assaults on Left Bank of Dnipro River; Netherlands to Prepare 18 F-16s for Delivery to UKR; UKR Drone Attack Reported in Multiple RU Oblasts; UKR Downs 24 of 28 RU Drones, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine Shoots Down Three Russian Warplanes in Blitz Operation
The attack on Friday is one of Ukraine’s biggest successes in the air war
Ukraine said it shot down three Russian warplanes in one of its most-successful operations against Russian air power since the start of the war.
Ukraine’s Air Force said the three Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers were downed around midday Friday in the south of the country. There Russia has used the jets to launch cruise missiles and guided bombs against Ukrainian-held cities on the western bank of the Dnipro River and Ukrainian soldiers who have established a foothold on the eastern side.
Russian officials didn’t immediately comment, but Russian war bloggers close to the Kremlin acknowledged the losses and said they could have been targeted by U.S.-designed Patriot missiles.
Ukraine didn’t say how the planes were shot down. An Air Force spokesman called it “a brilliantly planned operation.”
The news is a boost for Ukraine following a series of military setbacks. Ukraine’s counteroffensive this year was unable to secure a large breakthrough of Russian defensive lines, leaving Russia in control of nearly one-fifth of its neighbor’s territory. Russia is now pursuing offensives of its own, albeit with incremental progress and heavy losses.
As winter bites, Russia has stepped up missile and drone strikes against Kyiv and other cities in what Ukrainian officials say is a renewed attempt to knock out civilian infrastructure including electricity and heating systems.
Five Patriot surface-to-air missile systems from the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands are Ukraine’s most effective shield against ballistic missile attacks. --->READ MORE HERE
Defense Forces repel 17 enemy assaults on left bank of Dnipro River – General Staff
On the left bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson region, Ukrainian warriors are firmly holding the defense. In the other six sectors of the front, they repelled more than 50 enemy attacks.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this in its evening update on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.
"The enemy has not given up its intention to drive our units out of the left bank of the Dnipro. The enemy conducted 17 unsuccessful assaults, it was repelled and suffered significant losses. Our units are steadfastly holding the defense, continuing to hold their positions and inflicting fire damage on the enemy," the General Staff said.
In total, 60 combat clashes took place on the front lines throughout the day. The operational situation in the east and south of Ukraine remains difficult.
With the improvement of weather conditions, the Russian troops increased the use of operational-tactical aircraft and quadcopters of the FPV type. The invaders continue to conduct active assaults with the support of armored vehicles, and have increased the number of airstrikes and artillery attacks.
In the past day, the Russian army carried out 1 missile attack and 33 airstrikes, as well as 23 MLRS attacks on the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and populated areas. --->READ MORE HERE
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