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Total: 12,000 Illegals Cross While Mayorkas Says Building Border Wall Limits Asylum; 12,000 Migrants Cross Southern border in a Single Day — Highest Total Ever; Migrant’s First Comment After Crossing the Border Tells You Everything You Need to Know

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Total: 12,000 Illegals Cross While Mayorkas Says Building Border Wall Limits Asylum:
Someone please explain to Alejandro Mayorkas that DHS means the Department of HOMELAND Security. You would think that he would already know that since he is the head of the department. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a clue.
There have been 12,000 encounters at the border in the last 24 hours. It was the largest number of crossings ever recorded in one day. To put that number in perspective, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, referencing former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, stated that 1,000 crossings in a day is overwhelming and 4,000 in one day is considered a crisis.
Melugin was reporting from Lukeville, Ariz., yesterday. During his report, it was clear to see that most of those crossing were military-aged men, many single, from places like Africa and Syria. There has been a recent spike in crossings in both Lukeville and Tucson as smugglers and cartels have diverted thousands of illegals to both areas.
The Border Patrol is not only stretched and overworked, but the Biden administration has relegated it to such a low-esteem status that it is no longer respected by foreign governments, cartels, or smugglers. In fact, in the ultimate demonstration of disrespect, News Nation's Ali Bradley reported of a smuggler helping illegals cross the border while standing on the U.S. side of the border. --->READ MORE HERE
12,000 migrants cross Southern border in a single day Tuesday — highest total ever: sources
The United States set a new record Tuesday with over 12,000 migrants crossing over the southern border into the country, sources told Fox News.
Over 10,200 of those were taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection after illegally crossing into the country between ports of entry, according to the network’s sources.
The total figure of migrants attempting to enter the US will be even higher when the number of people who reported to the Office of Field Operations for asylum appointments booked through the CBP One app, which allows up to 1,450 people a day to be seen.
As of Wednesday morning, the agency had more than 22,000 migrants in custody at various points across the border – pushing the already strained border resources to breaking point.
The previous record for migrants encountered in one day was set at 10,000 in May as migrants rushed the country before the end of Title 42, after which the rules for how people would be processed were set to change.
However, the tough measures promised by the Biden — that migrants who entered the country illegally would be ejected and deported and certain criteria must be met before crossing the border — never materialized and thousands of migrants still illegally pour over the border daily. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Migrant’s first comment after crossing the border tells you everything you need to know +++++

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