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The Nazi Roots of Hamas: What the true origins of Hamas reveal about its nature; Trust Hamas? "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."

The Nazi Roots of Hamas
What the true origins of Hamas reveal about its nature.
On Oct 7, Hamas, a terrorist organization born in part out of a collaboration between Nazis and Islamists, carried out the greatest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.
The butchery of men, women and children and the elderly, was not only ‘Nazi-like’, it was in some ways the final act of a Nazi crime nearly eight decades in the making.
In 1946, the Muslim Brotherhood held its founding conference in Gaza at the Samer Cinema. The movie theater which had opened two years earlier and would be shut down, along with much of Gaza’s movie theaters as the Islamist movement strengthened its grip over the area, represented the secular Western culture that the Islamic organization wanted to destroy.
It was a modest beginning for the group that would eventually become known as Hamas.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s expansion into Israel began a year earlier in 1945. The Brotherhood’s foreign backers, the Nazis, had surrendered earlier that year. The thousand pound checks which had helped take the Brotherhood from just another fringe Islamist theocratic movement to a dominant force in Egyptian political culture would no longer be coming. And Nazi Germany’s armies would not be arriving to help them kill all the Jews.
Without the Nazis, the Brotherhood no longer had the money or any protection from the British, who might seek to punish their Nazi collaboration, or the Egyptian monarchy which was worried that the Islamist group was seeking to overthrow it. By 1948, Egypt had banned the Brotherhood and Hassan al-Banna, its charismatic leader, had been shot dead in the street a year later.
Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, had admired Nazi organizations and methods. A British report noted that he had made “a careful study of the Nazi and fascist organizations. Using them as a model, he has formed organizations of specially trained and trusted men who correspond respectively to the Brown Shirts and Black Shirts.”
The Muslim Brotherhood from which Hamas sprang had been built in imitation of the Nazis.
The Nazis and the Brotherhood had fundamental religious and ethnic differences but shared common goals: especially when it came to the Jews. A Nazi agent who helped funnel money to the Brotherhood reported on one of its conferences calling for Jihad in Israel. ---READ MORE HERE
Trust Hamas?
"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."
“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” — George Santayana
There are many who have been advocating for and praising the so-called “ceasefire” agreement between Israel and the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. I know that the families of those held hostage want to have their loved ones released back to them, especially the elderly and little children. How utterly savage and barbaric, but that is to be expected from a terrorist organization whose existence is dedicated to the extermination and eradication of the Jewish people and their homeland . . . a continuation of Adolf Hitler’s final solution policy. I find it unconscionable that the Western “useful idiots” — a reference coined by Vladimir Lenin — vehemently call everyone racists and Nazis yet would align themselves in support of an organization that embraces those despicable qualities.
Israel has agreed to release some 150 Hamas terrorists for 50 Israelis, including several American hostages. There can be no doubt that the ceasefire is less about releasing hostages than providing Hamas an opportunity to rearm, refit, reposition, and realign for the ongoing assault waged against it. The demand of Hamas should, must, be that all hostages are released and that they only get a window of 12 hours upon which to do so . . . not four days. Why would anyone trust Hamas, or for that sake, any Islamic terrorist organization? History tells us why we should not.
It was 628 AD when Muhammad returned seeking conquest and victory in Mecca. He had fled Mecca, in what is called the Al-Hijra, to Medina. It was there that Muhammad began building his force, circa 622 AD. It was his full intent to return and overtake Mecca. As he arrived on the battlefield, he realized that his objective would not be achievable at that time. He did not possess the requisite strength for victory. Therefore, Muhammad went into agreement with the Quraysh tribe for peace. It was called the Treaty of Hudaybiyya. Once Muhammad attained the necessary military force, he broke the treaty that he had brokered resulting in the massacre of the Quraysh. The conflict between Muhammad and the Quraysh had been due to the former’s incessant attacks against them and their caravans.
In Islam, the traditions of Muhammad are followed, and one of them is that lying to “infidels” in the furtherance of the goals of the Ummah is acceptable. The Treaty of Hudaybiyya is one of those accepted traditions. --->READ MORE HERE
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