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Maybe This Idiocy Will Finally Break Trump Derangement Syndrome Fever Forever; Did You 'Like' or 'Retweet' Anything Trump Tweeted? You're Under Investigation

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Maybe This Idiocy Will Finally Break Trump Derangement Syndrome Fever Forever:
Donald Trump is to blame for the plummeting marriage rate in the United States of America. I "know" this is "true" because the online paragon of truth-telling, Salon, said so. But there's an upside to this idiocy: this drive-by retcon is so dumb it could break the fever of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
The United States is seeing fewer marriages and less than replacement-level birth rates. Women outnumber men in college. Men are dismissed as "toxic." It is a threat to the longterm survival of the United States. And Salon blames Donald Trump.
Salon writer Amanda Marcotte was recently triggered by an insufficiently woke Washington Post editorial warning that fewer young American women are getting married because "they can't find suitable partners." The Post basically claimed that these women aren't getting married because far-left politics have become their religion and their identity, and suitable (read sane) men don't drink their Identitarianism Flavor-Aid. These men have grown more conservative.
Salon concludes, naturally, that this is obviously Donald Trump's fault.
"Supporting Trump is much like refusing to bathe, blowing your nose in your hands or farting loudly on purpose," the TDS- suffering Marcotte writes. "It's a repugnant habit that makes you repulsive to normal people," says the writer. She elides where the fault lies, beginning her piece with the idea that Trump-supporting men are having a tough time finding women to settle down with. In fact, it's the young, angry, Democrat women who are so closed-minded that they refuse to cross party lines to date. The Post notes a 2021 opinion survey of college students which found 71 percent of Democrats refuse to date across political lines. Republicans were far more willing to date across party lines, but Marcott writes if they're Trump supporters, "it's bringing someone into your home who ascribes to an ideology in which you are not fully human."
The women in the Democrat cohort have grown more left since the 2016 election. "[T]he percentage of single women ages 18-30 who identify as liberal has shot up from slightly over 20 percent to 32 percent. Young men have not followed suit. If anything, they have grown more conservative," the Post writes.
The year 2016 was a presidential year. The media hyped Donald Trump as a fascist, a Russian secret agent, and an election thief. Hillary Clinton led the charge. Madonna wished she'd bombed the White House. The mobs responded. --->READ MORE HERE
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Did You 'Like' or 'Retweet' Anything Trump Tweeted? You're Under Investigation:
Nothing says "police state" like a sweeping, general warrant. After the FBI Washington hit squad went after Trump's Mar-a-Lago with a general warrant, we're just learning that the feds were back for more with an even more egregious overstep of constitutional authority. Special Counsel Jack Smith issued a warrant to Twitter/X that is so sweeping it takes one's breath away. And, naturally, he got away with it.
Smith, who answers to Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden, has issued a warrant to Elon Musk's Twitter/X to hand over any and all information about anything Donald Trump ever tweeted, muted, or liked, but that's not all. The special counsel is going after you the public for retweeting, favoriting, or responding to anything Donald Trump said on Twitter/X.
The warrant demands: "All information from the 'connect' or 'notification' tab from the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the user name associated with the account, (i.e. "mentions" or "replies").
That's you.
Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist, who is also a journalism instructor at Hillsdale College, outed the information about Smith's general warrant on Twitter/X to sound the alarm about this "dystopic nightmare." It shocks the conscience that the warrant was so "calmly accepted by so much of the country."
The warrant calls for deep information about Trump's posts. Addendum B of the warrant (see the highlighted portion below) seeks information about people who amplified his tweets in an attempt to link them to the January 6 riot.
And the information sought about you included tweets during a certain time period before January 6, 2021, which doesn't make the warrant any less odious. --->READ MORE HERE
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