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Hamas Nazis’ Atrocities Against Israeli Women Met With Deafening Silence: Will the International Criminal Court Prosecute for War Crimes - or Blame the Victims; Graphic Report Details New Evidence of Rape, Sexual Violence During October 7 Rampage; *** WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT *** More Evidence of Hamas Rapes, Sexual Violence in October 7 Attack

Hamas Nazis’ Atrocities Against Israeli Women Met With Deafening Silence:
Will the International Criminal Court prosecute for war crimes - or blame the victims?
Misogyny and cultural “norms” subjugating women are widespread in much of the Islamic world. These include female genital mutilation, forced marriages, persecuting women for not dressing according to strict Islamic standards, “honor killings,” and much more.
It’s no surprise then, but shocking and horrific nonetheless, that one “weapon” in Hamas’ inhuman massacre of over 1200 people in Israel on October 7, brutalizing thousands, and kidnapping more than 240, including young children and elderly women held hostage in Gaza, was the raping of Israeli women in the process. Underscoring that these are not individual criminal acts but part of something widespread and deliberate, it’s been described as a sexual pogrom.
Adding insult to injury, groups and people that should be advocating for women’s rights and under any other circumstance would be calling out such criminal behavior, have turned a blind eye to the forensic evidence, eyewitness accounts, and confessions of Hamas terrorists as if the victims and sexual crimes didn’t matter just because they are Jews. The evidence is clear. Medical examiners have reported that some of the rapes were so violent that the women’s pelvises were crushed.
A growing chorus has condemned ignoring these crimes or even denying that they happened using the hashtag, “#Metoo_unless_UR_A_Jew.”
If the crimes happened to anyone else in the world, women’s groups, human rights organizations, the UN, and others would be decrying it. But the silence to these crimes that depict a depraved pattern of sexual violence used by the terrorists against their victims, is criminal in of itself.
If Hamas’ goal was to murder as many as possible, how did the terrorists allow themselves to stop for a gang rape? How is rape in any way part of any “resistance” that Hamas claims and the Islamic world celebrates? How did those fighting for the “resistance” ever think this was acceptable? How could any one of the Islamic terrorists be aroused when inflicting such horrors, much less multiple gangs of them? The answer is simple. It was premeditated. It is inhuman evil Islam at its worst. It’s the marrying of worship of massacring Jews with the overall repression of women. It’s a marriage made in hell.
This inhuman behavior does not stop at the borders of Gaza. It is at the core of how the Iranian Islamic regime treats women, and which trickles down to other adherents of the “religion of peace.” This is documented widely, including in the book “A Love Journey With God” by my friend Marziyeh Amirizadeh. If not for public outcry after her arrest and death sentence for converting to Christianity in Iran, she’d likely have experienced much more of the suffering that many Iranian women who she knew in prison did, including the raping of virgins before they are executed as executing virgins goes against “Islamic values.” --->READ MORE HERE
Chaim Goldberg/Flash90
Graphic report details new evidence of rape, sexual violence during October 7 rampage:
New eyewitness accounts of the sexual violence enacted by Hamas-led terrorists on October 7 were brought to light in a report published Sunday, bolstering evidence of rape and other atrocities largely doubted or ignored in the international community.
Survivors of Hamas attacks and those tasked with investigating and piecing together what occurred that day shared details of rape and mutilation that they witnessed during and after the devastating terror onslaught with the UK newspaper The Sunday Times.
Yoni Saadon, 39, who survived the Supernova music festival massacre in which some 360 people were killed, told the paper that he hid under dead bodies for several hours to evade being captured and killed by Hamas terrorists. During that time, he said, he witnessed several scenes that he said continue to haunt him when he closes his eyes at night.
At one point, he saw a woman surrounded by “eight or ten fighters beating and raping her” before she was shot and killed.
“When they finished they were laughing,” he told the Sunday Times.
Saadon’s testimony is one of many that emerged following the Hamas-led onslaught on October 7, in which thousands of terrorists burst into Israel from Gaza, killing at least 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking some 240 hostages.
Alongside the devastatingly high death toll and number of hostages, evidence has emerged of the terrorist’s shocking brutality, including families burned alive, babies slaughtered in front of their parents, inhumane torture and other horrors.
Police say they have been exploring evidence of sexual violence, ranging from alleged gang rape to post-mortem mutilation.
Their inquiry has, so far, gathered “more than 1,500 shocking and difficult testimonies,” from witnesses, medics and pathologists, a senior police officer told the Knesset last week. --->READ MORE HERE

+++++*** WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT *** More Evidence of Hamas Rapes, Sexual Violence in October 7 Attack+++++

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