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Hamas Kills All Creatures, Great and Small: Add Animal Abuse to the Long List of Crimes by the Terrorist Group that the Left is Happy to Overlook

Hamas kills all creatures, great and small:
Add animal abuse to the long list of crimes by the terrorist group that the left is happy to overlook
When it comes to leftist hypocrisy, we’ll never lack examples. The horror of the October 7 attacks in Israel and the response offer some of the most glaring ones.
Let’s put aside the brutal torture, dismemberment, and slaughter of innocent civilians. In the erroneous, evil eyes of Hamas sympathizers, those were actions the occupiers brought on themselves. We also shouldn’t be too surprised when murdered babies and kidnapped children are not enough of a reason to be upset. After all, we’re talking about the moral compass of the same people who think children should be removed from their parents if they don’t affirm a new gender identity or support chemical castration.
Yet one would think the mass rape of women and young girls would generate some sympathy and outrage from the same people who brought us the #MeToo movement and #BringBackOurGirls. Major celebrities like Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie took to social media to draw attention to those trendy causes. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any recognition, let alone action, for the Jewish women of Israel.
The silence extends to the institutions. The U.N. Women’s Council issued reports and public declarations for the women in Gaza but, of course, left out the women of Israel. Then, 50 days after the attacks, the group posted a condemnation of Hamas and called for the release of hostages — only to delete it. The council finally issued a statement of condemnation a full week later.
In a modern-day Holocaust denial, the same class of “Believe All Women” champions flatly reject evidence of the extent of depravity and barbarity. The deniers don’t have to claim that the event never happened. They only have to subtly diminish the event with allegations that the details are exaggerated. And somehow, when it comes to Israel, no amount of evidence or accounts from survivors or first responders seems to suffice.
Hamas’ depravity didn’t end with people, and neither did the intentional ignorance of the social justice warriors. This comes as no surprise. Around this time last year, the Palestinian mayor of Hebron offered a cash reward (roughly $5) for anyone who shot and killed a stray dog. --->READ MORE HERE
Reports that Hamas intentionally targeted dogs in their attack on Israel:
I am not sure whether it is true that Hamas have intentionally targeted dogs in their raid from Gaza into Israel which has dominated the news media headlines since it started days ago. We do know, however, that Hamas gunmen shot a family dog when they raided the dog’s home.
Hamas gunmen approached an Israeli’s family home. As they did so the family dog bounded down the pathway which led to the front door. The Hamas gunmen rained bullets upon the dog and killed it instantly. It was videoed on the gunman’s body camera. They then entered the home and set it alight after raiding the fridge and rifling through family belongings.
Nathan Winograd, an American animal advocate and an expert on the no-kill animal shelter movement, said that the claims that Hamas are targeting dogs are “both credible and unsurprising given that dogs are considered impure by Islamicists, forbidden as companions or pets, and some clerics have issued a fatwa against petting puppies.”
It’s true that Muslims regard dogs with disdain while in complete contrast they are meant to elevate the humble domestic cat to unheard-of heights because of the Prophet Muhammad’s love of cats and how his stories are recounted in the Hadiths.
Sadly, Muslims do embrace the concept of speciesism with great commitment. Nathan Winograd adds that Hamas has been targeting children as well. He added: “In addition to targeting children and others, targeting family pets is yet another of Hamas’ many war crimes as it seeks to destroy the lives and break the hearts of Jewish families.”
Separately, but linked to this story, the BBC is being criticised for their reluctance to use the T-word. In other words, they don’t want to call the Hamas terrorists “terrorists”. That’s because the BBC is left leaning. It’s been a long-standing criticism of the BBC to provide unbalanced reporting because of their left-leaning tendencies.
Not knowing an awful lot about the problem between the Palestinians and the Jews in Israel and in Gaza, I had to check whether Hamas represents the Palestinians in Gaza because it is remarkable that a terrorist group represents 2 million people as a government and apparently, they do. Hamas won elections in 2006. So, Hamas represents the people of Gaza. Does that make all of the people of Gaza terrorists as well?
It appears that Hamas won the elections because of the citizens’ desire to end corruption in government rather than to support the organisation’s political platform (Wikipedia). Surely the Palestinians of Gaza can’t support Hamas’s terrorism?
Islamic scholars believe that dogs’ saliva is impure which means that if you are licked by a dog you have to wash yourself. If you are licked by cat is perfectly okay under Islamic rules. --->READ MORE HERE
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