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Did Any Palestinian Try to Save a Jew on October 7: How Many “innocent civilians” are There Really in Gaza; Israel is Not Morally Required to Sacrifice Its People to Save Gazan Civilians

Did Any Palestinian Try to Save a Jew on October 7?
How many “innocent civilians” are there really in Gaza?
One of the soothing notions being disseminated by the Biden administration is that Hamas must be clearly distinguished from the “ordinary people” in Gaza, who, we are led to believe, deplore the terrorist atrocities and want only to be left alone to lead peaceful lives. It’s a comforting thought, but it isn’t true. In recent polls, taken after October 7, 76% of Gazans said they support Hamas, in the full knowledge of what Hamas did on that day, when it beheaded babies, burned children to death, raped, tortured, and murdered young girls, gouged out eyes, sliced off breasts, and cut off the genitalia of Israelis, both before and after death, murdered children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children. Three-quarters of those we keep being told are “innocent civilians” have approved of those atrocities. Can they be called “innocent”? More on this can be found here: “‘Show Me One Palestinian Who Tried to Save a Jew on Oct. 7’: Hostage Families Highlight Culpability of Gazan Population,” by Debbie Weiss, Algemeiner, November 27, 2023:
Families of hostages seized by the Hamas terror group on Oct. 7 experienced a mix of relief and anxiety at a rally marking “50 days of hell” on Saturday night as they grappled with the bittersweet reality of the release of some hostages while many others remained in captivity, amid multiple delays on the part of Hamas.

Speakers at the rally, which drew some 100,000 people to the renamed Hostage Square outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, called to “bring home all of them now.”

As of Sunday night, a total of 40 Israeli hostages were released with Hamas indicating that it was interested in extending the ceasefire. Terrorists led by Hamas abducted over 240 people during their Oct. 7 massacby the International Committee of the Red Cross — and releasing the wrong Palestinian security prisoners in exchange.re across southern Israel.

Thirteen hostages, mostly from Kibbutz Be’eri, were released on Saturday some six hours after the 4 pm deadline after Hamas accused Israel of short-changing on the promised delivery of fuel and humanitarian aid — a claim that was denied
As usual, Hamas makes unfounded accusations against Israel — claiming that it had “short-changed” on the amount of fuel and humanitarian aid it had promised to allow into Gaza. But this time, the ICRC (the International Red Cross) firmly took Israel’s side, and Hamas dropped its specious complaint. --->READ MORE HERE
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Israel is not morally required to sacrifice its people to save Gazan civilians:
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently issued the following warning to Israel:
“You know, I learned a thing or two about urban warfare from my time fighting in Iraq and leading the campaign to defeat ISIS. Like Hamas, ISIS was deeply embedded in urban areas.”
“And the international coalition against ISIS worked hard to protect civilians and create humanitarian corridors, even during the toughest battles.”
“So the lesson is not that you can win in an urban warfare by protecting civilians. The lesson is that you can only win in urban warfare by protecting civilians.”
“You see, in this kind of a fight, the center of gravity is the civilian population. And if you drive them into the arms of the enemy, you replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.”
That ill-advised admonition reflects a basic misunderstanding of the relationship between Hamas and most Gazans. Recent polls show overwhelming support by Gazans not only for Hamas but also for its barbarities of Oct. 7.
The sad reality is that the civilian population of Gaza is already in the “arms of the enemy.”
It is part of the problem, not the solution.
The only way to get these “civilians” out of the arms of Hamas is to show them that atrocities committed by Hamas will hurt the civilians of Gaza as well as the terrorists of Hamas.
This message is obviously not intended for infants and young children, who are completely innocent. --->READ MORE HERE
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