Monday, December 11, 2023

Chinese Migrants Look Like Tourists On US Border — Lawyer Calls Clients ‘at least middle class’; Huge group of well-dressed CHINESE migrants with smart luggage wait to be processed after illegally crossing border from Mexico into California

Chinese migrants look like tourists on US border — lawyer calls clients ‘at least middle class’:
A line of well-dressed Chinese migrants with suitcases who have illegally crossed into the California border show how the type of people seeking asylum in the US is changing.
The men stand out from the exhausted and starved migrants who have traveled thousands of miles from South and Central America to the border, according to video from NewsNation.
“There are families who have experienced political oppression at the hands of the Chinese government and many are political dissidents,” immigration attorney Erika Pinheiro told The Post.
“These migrants tend to have more resources. We have this understanding of asylum seekers as poor and [that] they are only coming to America for economic opportunities, but the people that I’m meeting [at the San Diego, Calif.] border tend to be at least middle class, if not upper-middle class, from their countries.”
The migrants, who were mostly single Chinese men, have been living in makeshift tents in Jacumba Hot Springs— a tiny town in San Diego County that has become the latest hotbed for illegal crossing.
The NewsNation video footage also showed the men in a single-file line wearing clean clothes and standing next to their luggage.
Police sources told the station they pay smugglers up to $35,000 to get them across from Mexico into the US.
Pinheiro does not represent the migrants in the NewsNation video.
Pinheiro, who is the executive director of migrant services at legal aid company Al Otro, told The Post she has spoken to Chinese migrants who have walked through multiple Central American countries, but many who could afford it flew into Mexico and have walked into the US from there .
“Some of them I have spoken to got their [travel] visa like they were going to vacation in Mexico and might’ve spent a week in a resort because they have the money,” Pinheiro said.
“There is often a misconception that most asylum seekers are coming into the country to take public benefits, but many are well-educated, already have family out here and are really looking for political asylum.” --->READ MORE HERE
Huge group of well-dressed CHINESE migrants with smart luggage wait to be processed after illegally crossing border from Mexico into California:
A group of smartly-dressed Chinese migrants with pristine luggage were photographed being apprehended in California after illegally crossing the southern border.
The migrants, reported to be mostly Chinese nationals fleeing authoritarian leader Xi Jinping, were lined up neatly dressed and with proper luggage as they were processed following their illegal crossing, in video shot by NewsNation's national correspondent, Jorge Ventura.
They were lined up near the San Diego County town of Jacumba Hot Springs as the county debates approving millions more in emergency funding to help shelter them.
While previously many of the migrants causing the US border crisis had come from central and South America, now thousands have come from China.
Over the 2023 fiscal year, which ended in September, US Customs and Border Protection reported 24,048 Chinese citizens were apprehended at the Mexico border, more than in the ten preceding years combined.
That's up more than 10 times from the 1,970 arrests recorded during the 2022 fiscal year, and just 323 the year before, when China was under strict pandemic travel bans and lockdowns.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted the new trend of people from Communist China and said it was only making President Biden's battle at the border worse.
'It is extraordinarily dangerous because, first of all, as you point out, we have people from China coming here.
'We also have people on the known terrorist watch list who are coming across the border. And so there's extraordinary dangers, calls to our country by Biden's open border policies,' Abbott told Fox News on Sunday.
'And obviously, Biden is doing nothing about it. And that's why Texas has to step up and apprehend as many of these people as possible to make sure that they're not posing a threat to our country,' he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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