Friday, December 22, 2023

Biden Campaign Co-Chair Veronica Escobar ‘afraid’ Democrats Will Get Blame for Border Crisis ... DUH! GEE, DA YA THINK? ... Record 12,600 Migrants Encountered at Border in 24 Hours — as Backlog for Immigration Hearings Breaks 3 Million

Biden campaign co-chair Veronica Escobar ‘afraid’ Democrats will get blame for border crisis:
One of President Biden’s re-election campaign co-chairs has said she worries that growing frustrations over the deteriorating situation at the southern border will hamper Democrats’ prospects in 2024.
“People are really frustrated. They want to see order. They want to see government manage situations,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) told Politico in an interview published Tuesday.
“Unfortunately Democrats are getting the brunt of that right now, and people have brainwashed themselves into thinking that somehow Donald Trump solves this.”
During fiscal year 2023, more than 2.47 million encounters were reported along the Mexico frontier — with more than 240,000 migrants apprehended in October, the most recent month for which stats are available, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection.
That influx has put a strain on liberal states and cities, where border state governors have directed the new arrivals.
“You’re hearing Democrats in places like New York and Illinois sounding the alarm and in some cases sounding more like Republicans — I’m thinking about [New York City] Mayor Eric Adams,” Escobar conceded.
“The fundamental problem is people want an easy fix. This is neither an easy issue, nor is there an easy fix.”
Adams has pressed the Biden administration and the rest of the federal government to address the hundreds of thousands of migrants pouring across the border and ease the strain on the Big Apple’s public resources. --->READ MORE HERE
Record 12,600 migrants encountered at border in 24 hours — as backlog for immigration hearings breaks 3 million:
America’s border crisis is worsening with a record 12,600 migrants encountered by Customs and Border Protection officers in 24 hours Monday, according to Fox News.
Pictures showed a sea of thousands of newly arrived migrants huddled in neat lines as they awaited processing after illegally crossing into Eagle Pass, Texas.
Many had walked across the Rio Grande river which serves as the border between the US and Mexico with plans to seek asylum.
Numbers have reached the highest ever recorded since the end of Title 42 measures in May. August saw more than 304,000 migrants attempt to gain entry to the US, September increased to 341,000 and October logged 310,000.
Border resources are stretched so thin, road and rail crossings have been closed so all available officers can be diverted to processing the arriving migrants.
The Biden administration’s plan to control the flow was for migrants to wait in another country until they could get an appointment via the CBP One app, with up to 30,000 people per month allowed into the US to pursue asylum applications.
“Do not just show up at the border. Stay where you are and apply legally from there,” President Biden said in January.
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also claimed a month later: “People who arrive at the border without using a lawful pathway will be presumed ineligible for asylum.” --->READ MORE HERE
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