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Assaulting Women is the New Feminism: Feminism Became Complicit in Violence Against Women Long Before Oct 7; Germany: 8 Muslim Migrants Who Gang-Raped Girl, 15, Given Suspended Sentences: And They Showed No Remorse -- Only Boredom

Assaulting Women is the New Feminism:
Feminism became complicit in violence against women long before Oct 7.
Last year, Payton McNabb, a teenage girl, was seriously injured while playing in a high school volleyball game against a transgender male athlete in North Carolina. A year later she’s still struggling with partial paralysis and constant headaches, and has trouble learning.
If Payton expected feminist groups to side with her, she was disappointed. Instead the Feminist Majority Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Ms. Magazine, denounced the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” bill meant to protect teenage girls like her.
The Feminist Majority Foundation, along with Feminist Campus, Equal Rights Advocates, Girls Inc, Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, Trust Women, United State of Women, and the National Organization for Women, and numerous feminist groups signed a letter attacking the federal ‘Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act’ for daring to protect women from suffering the way that Payton and other female athletes had.
A dozen organizations with “women”, “girl” or “feminist” in their names were dedicated to the proposition that womens’ sports should be eliminated and that any women or girls who play should be ready to suffer catastrophic injuries from 220-lb. ‘transgender’ male athletes.
Beating women and denying their existence is the new feminism. So is raping women.
In the wake of the Hamas rapes during the invasion of Israel on Oct 7, some have wondered where the feminist organizations are. The answer is that they’re supporting the rapists.
Feminist Front coordinated a statement claiming that “Palestine” was a “feminist issue” and complaining that “Palestinian boys and men have been falsely portrayed as bloodthirsty terrorists, rapists, and savages”. The statement was signed by the Global Women’s Strike, Feminist Uprising, Black Feminist Future, HEART: Women and Girls and other socialist organizations.
When feminist groups weren’t outright supporting the rapists, they were ducking the issue. --->READ MORE HERE
Germany: 8 Muslim Migrants Who Gang-Raped Girl, 15, Given Suspended Sentences:
And they showed no remorse -- only boredom.
In Germany, eight Muslims who gang-raped and assaulted a 15-year-old German girl have been given suspended sentences. More on this travesty of justice can be found here: “Shock: After 15-year-old German girl gang raped by 9 men, only 1 sent to prison,” by John Cody, Remix News, November 29, 2023:
Eight gang rapists have been set free to walk the streets of Germany despite being convicted of a heinous and violent rape of a 15-year-old girl, with the case drawing outrage in a country known for its lax policy towards migrant rapists. The Hamburg regional juvenile court gave its guilty verdict Tuesday; however, only one convicted rapist, an Iranian migrant, was sentenced to two years and nine months in juvenile detention despite DNA evidence being found on the victim from all nine men.

The case dates back to 2020, when the crowd robbed a drunk female student in Hamburg city park, raped her repeatedly, and then filmed the whole incident.

All the defendants, who are between 19 and 23, received suspended sentences, except for the one Iranian, which means none of the others will serve any jail time. Media reports indicate that eight of the nine rapists had migration backgrounds, with the convicted rapists coming from Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Armenia, and Afghanistan.

The court determined that the 15-year-old victim, who was heavily intoxicated, was dragged into a bush in the park in September 2020. Four of the convicted men raped her, and then stole her cell phone and wallet. Then, two others sexually abused the woman. However, it did not end there, with three others then moving in to sexually abuse the young girl.

Traces of semen were found from all the men on the victim.

The light suspended sentences were handed out despite none of the men showing any remorse during the trial, according to Bild newspaper, which sat in during the proceedings. One perpetrator was described as nearly falling asleep during the trial.
Not only was there no remorse shown by any of the defendants, but the whole business seemed to bore them. One was even seen nodding off during the trial. Knowing how lenient German courts have been with migrant criminals, they may well have believed that they would be given very light sentences — and they were right. --->READ MORE HERE
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