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Trans Refugee Bills Sweeping Dem Cities: Making It Legal to Mutilate Children

Trans Refugee Bills Sweeping Dem Cities
Making it legal to mutilate children.
Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney, who is set to leave office in January 2024, promised to make his last year as mayor count.
“We still have a lot of work to do,” he told WHYY PBS in January of this year.
Much of that important work included the signing Executive Order No. 4-23, the so-called trans refugee bill, which ensures “the protection of individuals seeking, receiving, and receiving gender-affirming health care,” according to the City of Philadelphia website.
The city goes on to state that, “More than 60,000 Philadelphians identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer,” then reminds the public that Philadelphia “has a long history of LGBTQIA+ activism, and is now one of the most accepting cities in the United States for LGBTQIA+ activism.”
“We won’t help those who seek to discriminate against trans people,” Kenney said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
What the city website doesn’t mention is the fact that most LGBTQIA+ people in Philadelphia don’t call themselves LGBTQIA+ at all, and that the silent majority of gays and lesbians — who are never quoted in the press when it comes to these issues — are still grappling with how transgender activists hijacked and virtually destroyed the gay civil rights movement.
Despite this disconnect, the transgender movement continues to gather steam, as more people, especially progressive heterosexual women, fall into the quicksand of trans children advocacy and pronoun usage, believing they are doing something useful for equity and humankind.
Transgenderism, of course, has become a powerful ideological movement that promotes the idea that one’s gender identity has no connection to his or her anatomy.
“As a movement,” writes Joanna Williams in “The Corrosive Impact of Transgender Ideology,” “It has proven to be far more influential than a numerical count of transgender individuals may suggest.”
Philadelphia Mayor Signs Executive Order 4-23 Supporting
Gender-Affirming Care
When Mayor Kenney signed EO 4-23, I was reminded of the literal jig he danced in his office in June 2018 after a federal judge overruled the DOJ’s efforts to block federal funding from the city because its Sanctuary City status violated statutory and constitutional law. That court order reaffirmed Philadelphia as a Sanctuary City, causing leftists to dance along with the mayor.
But the city has changed drastically since 2018.
Deterioration is visible everywhere now. Businesses close early because of crime. Those that remain open employ multiple security guards. Neighborhoods have become armed camps. Homeless encampments—the tents are sometimes the size of large wigwams in old cowboy movies—spring up overnight, as people you thought could never be homeless, such as the cheerleader-looking girl with blonde hair in a college sweatshirt, beg for money at traffic intersections.
Random gunshots come and go and often mix with fireworks set off by jobless young men exorcising their frustrations.
Amidst these downturns, what does the mayor do?
He signs a trans refugee executive order, a “processed-like liverwurst” EO that has been manufactured in other Democrat-run cities and states because, as The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “In nearly half of states nationwide, Republican-led legislatures have enacted legislation to restrict access to puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgical treatments for transgender youth.” --->READ MORE HERE
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