Monday, November 20, 2023

Joe Biden’s Open Border Is a Gift to the Corporations That Fund Him; Biden Uses Executive Order on AI to Advance Big Tech Immigration Agenda; Proposed Changes to H-1B Program Encourage Fraud, Undermine American Workers

Alex Marlow: Joe Biden’s Open Border Is a Gift to the Corporations That Fund Him:
Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow told former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee that President Joe Biden’s open border is a gift to the corporations that fund him, adding that Biden “went to work on day one to remove all the good that Trump had done” because Democrats need to import new voters.
“One of the great misnomers in this country right now is that big business is Republican. No, big business doesn’t like change. They like the status quo. And the status quo is mostly the Democrat establishment and a little bit of the Republican establishment,” Marlow told Huckabee during an interview about Marlow’s new New York Times bestselling book Breaking Biden.
“So, what’s going on that Joe Biden sees is that if you import new workers, they drive down the wages of Americans. That lowers the bottom line for corporations, and once the bottom line is lowered, their stock can go up,” the Breitbart editor-in-chief continued.
Marlow explained that this “helps the corporate elite, who are the funders of Joe Biden’s whole ecosystem.”
“This is why Joe Biden went to work on day one to remove all of the good that Trump had done,” he added.
Another reason why Democrats are looking for new voters is due to the fact that “Democrats are not having enough children,” Marlow said.
“And some of those children, if they’re born, they might get sucked into the world of right-wing YouTube and right-wing talk radio and start becoming conservative,” he quipped.
“So, the Democrats need to replenish their stores of voters, and they do this by importing people,” Marlow said. “We even have illegal aliens voting in local elections. You better believe that if Democrats have enough power nationally, they would love for that to happen at a national level.” --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Uses Executive Order on AI to Advance Big Tech Immigration Agenda:
On October 30th, President Biden issued an Executive Order that not only seeks to regulate artificial intelligence, but also seeks to advance an immigration agenda long lobbied for by Big Tech. In unveiling the order, the President said his “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence” will help govern the development and use of Artificial Intelligence “safely and responsibly.” However, President Biden also used the order to call on his cabinet to ease immigration requirements to “attract talent” and researchers to the U.S. and to expand the H-1B visa program.
Regarding AI, the President used his executive order to emphasize several points. First, he underscored the need for the federal government to regulate AI. He stated, “My Administration places the highest urgency on governing the development and use of AI safely and responsibly, and is therefore advancing a coordinated, Federal Government-wide approach to doing so. The rapid speed at which AI capabilities are advancing compels the United States to lead in this moment for the sake of our security, economy, and society.” The President also emphasized the need to protect consumers and privacy, and to establish guidelines and best practices for the use of AI.
Unfortunately, President Biden also used the executive order to advance his Big Tech immigration agenda. First, he directed the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security to “use their authorities to support and attract foreign nationals with special skills in AI and other critical and emerging technologies seeking to work, study, or conduct research in the United States.” Specifically, the President called for the following immigration policy changes to attract AI workers to the U.S.: --->READ MORE HERE

+++++Proposed Changes to H-1B Program Encourage Fraud, Undermine American Workers+++++

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