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Imagine If Donald Trump Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Putin The Way Democrats Did For Xi; Chinese Propaganda Celebrates ‘Epochal’ Xi-Biden Summit; Get a Load of the Gushing About Joe Biden Coming from the Chicom State Press

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Imagine If Donald Trump Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Putin The Way Democrats Did For Xi:
If Donald Trump were the covert Kremlin agent Democrats made him out to be, he might have given President Vladimir Putin the same kind of red-carpet treatment that Democrats gave Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping this week.
On Wednesday, President Xi was greeted in the hastily sanitized streets of San Francisco with all the fanfare of a communist parade, complete with waving red banners, to welcome the head of Red China.
Days before Xi touched down on the West Coast, state and local Democrats scrambled to scrub the San Francisco streets, which for years have been a national embarrassment emblematic of American decline.
Democrats in San Francisco were eager to greet the Chinese president with a welcome parade, ostensibly designed to ease tensions with the East Asian nuclear power. Business leaders increasingly anxious about their corporate interests under Xi’s regime similarly gave the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a standing ovation at a summit dinner with Indo-Pacific leaders Wednesday night. Reducing the risk of global war might be one motivation behind their applause for the Chinese dictator, who is overseeing the active genocide of Uyghurs in Western China, but protecting a $750 billion trade opportunity is likely far higher in their calculus.
On one hand, it’s odd that a major American city would give VIP treatment to the nation’s top adversary. On the other, San Francisco is also the heart of West Coast liberalism, and therefore American communism. --->READ MORE HERE
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Chinese Propaganda Celebrates ‘Epochal’ Xi-Biden Summit:
Chinese state media on Friday played up dictator Xi Jinping’s meeting with President Joe Biden on Wednesday as an “epochal” event, a diplomatic milestone that has the entire world waiting in breathless anticipation for what comes next.
Besides praising Xi for his diplomatic skills, the point of this hyperventilation was probably to set the stage for a guilt trip if Biden does not deliver everything Xi thinks he was promised.
The state-run Global Times claimed there has been “unanimous high praise” for the “candid and in-depth exchange of views” between Xi and Biden, reflecting its “epochal significance.”
“This summit is a strategically significant and far-reaching meeting of the heads of state, leaving a unique and profound mark in the history of China-U.S. relations,” the Chinese Communist paper gushed.
The Global Times said it was about time the U.S. realized all the “common interests” it has with China, and embraced Beijing’s motto of “win-win cooperation.”
“Dialogue and cooperation are the only correct choices for both countries,” the editors pontificated.
“President Xi insightfully pointed out that China and the US should jointly develop a right perception, manage disagreements effectively, jointly advance mutually beneficial cooperation, jointly shoulder responsibilities as major countries, and jointly promote people-to-people exchanges,” the Global Times said, without mentioning anything Joe Biden might have insightfully pointed out.
The Chinese editorialists also praised Xi for his masterful performance at the reception full of American business tycoons he attended after meeting with Biden. The Global Times predicted Xi’s “friendly and open attitude” would be like “sunlight piercing through the clouds” to dispel the “atmosphere of demonizing China.” --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Get a load of the gushing about Joe Biden coming from the Chicom state press+++++

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