Sunday, November 26, 2023

‘Grandparent Scams:’ Crooks Are Targeting Seniors with AI-Powered Voice Cloning of Loved Ones; Senior Scams: Beware of Artificial Intelligence; How to Help Older Relatives Steer Clear of Internet Scams

‘Grandparent Scams:’ Crooks Are Targeting Seniors with AI-Powered Voice Cloning of Loved Ones:
Crooks and scammers are having a field day thanks to the advent of AI technologies used for cloning voices and extracting personal information from social media platforms. Cybercriminals are using AI to create convincing copies of young people’s voices, which are used to power “grandparent scams” targeting elderly relatives.
The Palm Beach Post reports that the evolution of AI technology has opened new avenues for criminal activities. A recent report highlights how AI is now being used by scammers to clone voices and gather personal information from social media platforms to perpetrate more convincing scams.
This development is particularly alarming in the context of the notorious “grandparent scam.” In its original form, this scam involved fraudsters calling elderly individuals, impersonating their grandchildren, and making urgent requests for money to cover emergencies like bail or car repairs. The scam’s effectiveness was often limited by the scammer’s ability to convincingly impersonate a family member. Scammers often resort to claiming to have a cold to account for the difference in their voice.
However, with the advent of AI technologies, scammers can now create more compelling and personalized scams. By using audio and video clips found online, they are using AI to clone the voice of a family member, adding a new layer of deception to their schemes. This makes the scam more convincing and harder to detect, preying on the victims’ trust and emotional vulnerability. --->READ MORE HERE
Senior Scams: Beware of artificial intelligence:
Imagine receiving a call from your grandson, who you have not heard from in six months. You instantly recognize his familiar voice, and you are thrilled that he is calling. But then he delivers some bad news. He is in jail and needs money to pay his bail. You are willing to help. He gives you information for the police station, and you wire the funds over immediately.
Later, you learn that the person you talked to on the phone was not your grandson, despite sounding just like him. The call was a scam, and money that you wired went to an unknown recipient and cannot be recovered.
This scenario describes a new type of scam that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to defraud victims.
What is AI?
AI technology uses computers to simulate human thinking to accomplish basic tasks. This can include things like voice recognition software, such as a voice assistant on smartphones. Even when you shop online, AI is working behind the scenes to recommend products you may want to buy. If you purchased silverware on Amazon, the website’s algorithm (software or programming) may automatically send you emails encouraging you to purchase other utensils or similar items. --->READ MORE HERE
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