Monday, November 27, 2023

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Migrant Majority in Germany is ‘only a matter of time,’ Warns Bild’s Ex-Chief Political Correspondent; The Unstoppable Rise of Islam in Europe

Migrant majority in Germany is ‘only a matter of time,’ warns Bild’s ex-chief political correspondent:
Speaking to a Hungarian newspaper, Ralf Schuler posed the question that when migrants outnumber Germans in the country, who integrates whom?
The “Migrant Manifesto” recently published by German newspaper Bild that warns new arrivals to respect Western culture is a “pack of lies” as, in reality, migrants have long appropriated Germany for their own and will soon be in the majority, Ralf Schuler, the tabloid’s former chief political correspondent, has claimed.
In an interview published by the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Hírlap, Schuler said the first migratory wave of 2015 changed Germany indefinitely, and yet members of the commentariat and political elite continue to bury their heads in the sand as to the consequences.
“The truth is that the uncontrolled migration wave of 2015 and the subsequent attacks, such as the ax and knife atrocities against women on the trains in Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, the gang rapes, were seen by anyone who wanted to see them,” he said.
The former Bild political correspondent said his former employer had adopted an “initial, migration-friendly” attitude towards the influx of new arrivals at the time, but had since shifted towards a “more realistic approach.”
“Nowadays, we can hardly close our eyes to the consequences of daily attacks, violent demonstrations, and illegal migration,” he added.
Germany’s best-selling tabloid newspaper published its 50-point migrant manifesto last week which it claimed was a guide for new arrivals into Germany to adhere to.
The publication urged anyone who considers the German constitution or its legal system to be a collection of non-binding advice to “leave Germany as quickly as possible,” and told new arrivals to learn German, insisting “only if we speak the same language will we understand each other.”
It further reminded new arrivals that “non-believers” don’t exist in Germany, and urged migrants not to marry children or stone women for adultery.
Schuler told Maygar Hírlap that while the document may have been well-intentioned, it is simply not borne out of reality, as Germany’s ever-growing migrant population has been free to install its own culture in the country with little resistance. --->READ MORE HERE
The Unstoppable Rise of Islam in Europe:
We are witnessing a continuous increase in the Muslim population in Europe. Even without any migration in the next 30 years, it is expected that the Muslim population in Europe will show a growth of at least 4.6%. Conversely, due to low birth rates, the Christian population is gradually declining.
According to the renowned public opinion research firm Pew Research Center, even without migration, the Muslim population in Europe is projected to increase between 4.6% and 7.4% in the next 30 years.
This research, titled “Rising Muslim Population in Europe,” examines the future of the growing Muslim population in Europe in three stages: “moderate migration impact,” “high migration impact,” and “without migration.” Let’s briefly delve into these three stages together.
Why is Islam on the Rise in Europe?
The primary reason for the increasing Muslim population in Europe is the youthfulness of the Muslim population and their higher fertility rates.
According to the second scenario of the research, if moderate migration continues to Europe, the Muslim population on the continent will increase by 11.2% in the next 30 years.
In the third scenario, if there is intense migration as seen between 2014 and 2016, the Muslim population in Europe will increase by 14% by the year 2050. 
Rising Muslim Population in Germany
Examining the case of Germany alone reveals an expected increase from the current 6% to 20% in the Muslim population by 2050. This implies that in the future, one in five people in Germany could be Muslim. According to the research, Germany is the most sought-after destination for Muslim migration to Europe. Additionally, despite having the lowest birth rate in Europe at 1.5%, Germany has a high fertility rate among its Muslim population. The potential long-term transformation in Germany’s population composition in favor of Muslims underscores the importance of acknowledging the “Muslim reality” in Germany. --->READ MORE HERE
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