Friday, November 3, 2023

Biden Shatters Records for Worst Border with 3.2 Million Illegal Immigrants, 169 Terrorism Suspects; CIS Sues Biden Administration for Terror Suspect Border-Crossing Data

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Biden shatters records for worst border with 3.2 million illegal immigrants, 169 terrorism suspects
The Biden administration just tallied the worst year in border security history, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s final numbers for fiscal 2023, which showed record numbers of illegal immigrants, terrorism suspects and fentanyl detected.
Customs and Border Protection delivered the numbers in a highly unusual Saturday morning news release.
Border Patrol agents detected 2.1 million illegal immigrants, which was down slightly from 2020, when it reported 2.2 million. But the real action was at official ports of entry — land border crossings and, increasingly, airports, where officers encountered 1.1 million unauthorized migrants.
That’s double the rate of 2022, and it reflects Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ attempt to try to convince illegal immigrants to schedule their arrivals in order to be let in. He had said it would take pressure off the Border Patrol agents, who patrol the boundaries between the crossings, but the numbers suggest the overall flow of people continues to rise unabated.
Troy Miller, acting commissioner at CBP, insisted his agency is on top of things.
“CBP will continue to remain vigilant, making operational adjustments as necessary and enforcing consequences under U.S. immigration law,” he said in a statement announcing the grim new numbers.
The numbers will likely fuel a push among House Republicans to impeach Mr. Mayorkas, who along with Mr. Biden erased most of the previous administration’s get-tough policies, with the resulting surge in illegal activity. --->READ MORE HERE
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CIS Sues Biden Administration for Terror Suspect Border-Crossing Data:
The Center for Immigration Studies has again sued U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), this time for records reflecting the nationalities and group affiliations of the record-breaking 270 illegal border-crossers who have flagged on the FBI terrorism watch since 2021.
The Center sued on October 13 with a filing that seeks to enforce Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements that government agencies respond to requests within certain time limits. This lawsuit centers around CIS’s August 11, 2023, FOIA request for information reflecting the nationalities of watch-listed suspected terrorists apprehended after illegally crossing the southern border between ports of entry, as well as group affiliations and crossing areas.
The suit comes amid heightened national interest in terrorist border crossings as war in the Middle East escalates, raising fears about the potential for retaliation against U.S. backing for Israel or that some migrants from the region may strike impulsively in their emotional distress about the news.
“CIS believed filing this suit was necessary for multiple reasons,” said Colin M. Farnsworth, the center’s Chief FOIA Counsel. “There is a heightened public interest in the requested records, and there are indications CBP is imposing unreasonable delays on the processing of those records,” Farnsworth continued. “For example, CBP’s demonstrated its ability to timely respond to other FOIA requests CIS submitted after the August 11 request, but it has yet to provide any response to the August 11 request, despite CIS’ inquiries into the matter.”
“Therefore, in this case, in order to receive the records CIS and the public are entitled to in a timely manner, CIS filed suit against CBP for violating its FOIA obligations,” Farnsworth said. --->READ MORE HERE
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