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UKRaine's Defence Forces Repel 18 RUssian Attacks on Avdiivka front; Past 24hrs: RU Loses 820 Soldiers, Su-25 Jet, Air Defence System, 34 Tanks, and 91 Armoured Combat Vehicles; UKR to Continue Counteroffensive During Winter; Is RU Involved in Hamas Attacks on Israel, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine's Defence Forces repel 18 Russian attacks on Avdiivka front – General Staff:
During the day, the Defence Forces of Ukraine repelled 10 attacks by the Russian army near Avdiivka and eight more near Stepove and Sieverne in Donetsk Oblast. In total, 72 combat clashes took place on the contact line.
Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 18:00 on 11 October
Details: Russia launched one missile and 36 air strikes. More than 35 times, it attacked the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas with multiple-launch rocket systems.
On the Kupiansk front, Ukrainian soldiers repelled three Russian attacks near Synkivka and five attacks near Ivanivka in Kharkiv Oblast.
On the Lyman front, the Defence Forces repelled eight Russian attacks near Makiivka in Luhansk Oblast and another four in the Torske and Serebrianske Forest areas in Donetsk Oblast.
On the Bakhmut front, the defenders repelled three Russian attacks near Andriivka in Donetsk Oblast.
The Ukrainians hold the defence on the Avdiivka front. There, they repelled 19 Russian attacks near Avdiivka and another eight near Stepove and southeast of Sieverne in Donetsk Oblast. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia loses 820 more Russian soldiers, Su-25 jet, air defence system, 34 tanks, and 91 armoured combat vehicles over past 24 hours:
Ukrainian Defence Forces have killed about 820 Russian soldiers and destroyed a Su-25 jet, an air defence system, 34 tanks, 91 armoured combat vehicles, 18 artillery systems and 20 motor vehicles over the past 24 hours, on 10 October.
Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 06:00 on 11 October
Quote: "The Ukrainian Air Force launched 11 strikes on areas where Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment were concentrated over the past 24 hours, and also attacked 9 enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.
Our defenders also shot down a Russian Su-25 fighter jet and seven operational-tactical level reconnaissance UAVs.
Ukraine's Rocket Forces and Artillery struck a command post, an ammunition storage point, areas where Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment were concentrated, seven artillery pieces and an electronic warfare station belonging to the Russians."
Details: The total combat losses of Russian troops between 24 February 2022 and 11 October 2023 are estimated to be as follows [figures in parentheses represent the latest losses – ed.]: --->READ MORE HERE
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