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RUssian Offensive On Avdiivka Fails; UKR Forces Continue Offensive in Melitopol, Bakhmut Sectors; RUssian Forces ATTEMPT to Encircle Kupiansk; Video Compilation of RU Fiasco at Avdiivka's Meat Grinder; Hamas Thanks Putin for His Position, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Russian offensive on Avdiivka fails – ISW
Russian offensive operations near Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast failed on 13 October.
Source: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)
Details: Military analysts said that the Kremlin is trying to present its offensive operations around Avdiivka and other local actions as seizing the operational initiative in Ukraine.
Russian sources claimed that Russian troops continued to attack areas north and south of Avdiivka, and geolocation footage released on 12 and 13 October showed that troops had advanced south of Krasnohorivka (5 kilometres north of Avdiivka) and southeast of Pervomaiske (11 kilometres southwest of Avdiivka).
Russian sources have also published contradictory reports about the Russians having taken control of the Avdiivka Coke Plant, although the ISW has found no evidence that Russian forces were in control of the plant at the time of publication.
The Ukrainian military reported that Ukrainian forces are continuing to repel Russian attacks around Avdiivka.
A Russian military blogger noted that Ukrainian forces are using minefields to slow down Russian advances on the Avdiivka front.
A Russian volunteer soldier stated that worn-out barrels reduce the accuracy of Russian artillery near Avdiivka. The ISW has previously observed complaints about Russian artillery from Russian sources.
The Russian volunteer soldier said that Russian forces could "squeeze the [Ukrainian] perimeter" by seizing less fortified Ukrainian territory near Avdiivka, but expressed concern that Russian generals would misinterpret these limited advances and attempt to accelerate their offensive on Avdiivka. He also noted that such a misinterpretation could lead to Russian troops "pounding on concrete" fortifications until they run out of assets.
Moreover, military analysts believe that the Russian military command is limiting the discussion of Russian offensive operations around Avdiivka in the information space. They are likely trying to adapt to previous information shocks and control any narratives that emerge in the Russian information space around the operations. --->READ MORE HERE
War update: Ukrainian forces continue offensive in Melitopol, Bakhmut sectors:
Ukraine’s Defense Forces continue conducting the offensive operation in the Melitopol direction and assault actions in the Bakhmut direction, exhausting the enemy all over the front line.
The relevant statement was made by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
In the past 24 hours, Ukraine’s Air Force has launched 12 strikes on Russian personnel, ammunition and military equipment clusters, and two strikes on enemy surface-to-air missile systems.
Ukrainian missile units hit one Russian command post and two enemy artillery systems.
Forty-three combat engagements have occurred on the front over the past day.
Russian troops launched two missile strikes and 37 air strikes, and opened fire with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) 47 times on Ukrainian positions and settlements. Following Russian attacks, casualties among civilians were reported, as well as the damage caused to residential houses and other civil infrastructure.
The operational situation is remaining challenging in eastern and southern Ukraine, according to the General Staff.
In the Volyn and Polissia directions, the operational situation remained rather unchanged. No signs of enemy offensive groupings were detected. Separate Belarusian units are carrying out tasks within the areas bordering with Ukraine.
In the Siverskyi and Slobozhanskyi directions, Russians are maintaining military presence within the border areas and continue shelling border settlements from Russia’s territory. Over 15 settlements were affected by Russian artillery and mortar strikes.
In the Kupiansk direction, Ukrainian warriors repelled five enemy attacks near the Kharkiv region’s Synkivka and Ivanivka. Russian invaders launched air strikes near Holubivka, Kupiansk, Petropavlivka and Podoly. Over 10 settlements were affected by enemy artillery and mortar strikes. --->READ MORE HERE
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