Sunday, October 29, 2023

Progressives Call for US to Take In Some of the expected 1 Million Gaza Refugees; Why America Shouldn’t Resettle Palestinians

Progressives call for US to take in some of the expected 1 million Gaza refugees:
Experts predict a million refugees might flee the Gaza Strip amid the war between Israel and Hamas, and socialists and far-left lawmakers said America should welcome them.
“Fifty percent of the population in Gaza are children. The international community as well as the United States should be prepared to welcome refugees from Palestine while being very careful to vet and not allow members of Hamas,” said Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a New York member of the Socialist-Democratic “Squad” who remains under investigation for pulling a fire alarm in the House Cannon Office Building earlier this month.
But Republicans have already slammed the door shut on the issue.
Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said they would oppose Palestinian resettlement efforts here.
“The U.S. is the most generous nation in the world, but we are in no position to accept additional refugees, especially from a region with as high a risk of terrorism, given our nation’s inability to secure our own border or vet those who are already here,” Rubio told The Post.
Scott added that “the entire focus of the United States right now should be on rescuing American hostages, and making sure that Israel has every resource needed to defeat Iran backed-Hamas and defend its homeland.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Why America Shouldn’t Resettle Palestinians:
As if they haven’t done enough damage to the U.S. with their open-borders agenda, progressives now call for America to resettle Palestinian “refugees” from the Israel-Hamas war. Americans, including all rational leaders, must strongly and successfully reject this demand.
Socialist leaders of the past would be proud of how the Biden administration has burned down our border and immigration system, particularly by using “humanitarian” channels to accomplish this “fundamental change.”
Our border and the country as a whole are in dangerous chaos as a result. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports encountering over 7.4 million inadmissible aliens from over 160 countries nationwide since President Joe Biden took office Jan. 20, 2021.
The Left refers to all these 7.4 million illegal aliens as asylum-seekers. Another 1.6 million known “gotaways” evaded Border Patrol agents and entered the country.
What the Left won’t admit is that the Biden administration already has let in unknown numbers of unvetted Palestinians through the wide-open back door in the past two years and nine months.
Just as no one should fall for the “asylum-seekers” label (the vast majority of migrants come here for economic reasons), so too Americans should stop repeating the Left’s description of Palestinians who left Gaza as “refugees.”
The label is inaccurate and used for an emotional “yes” response. In law, the term “refugee” is applied to someone determined to have a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. --->READ MORE HERE

No, the US should not take Gaza refugees

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