Monday, October 2, 2023

Musk Warns ‘some pretty extreme individuals’ Entering US During Trip to Southern Border; Musk Says Border Situation 'insane' After Visiting Eagle Pass, Texas; Musk Suggests a Trump-Style Wall Should be Built at the US-Mexico Border to Control Immigration

Musk warns ‘some pretty extreme individuals’ entering US during trip to southern border:
Billionaire Elon Musk toured the southern border in Texas on Thursday and warned that “some pretty extreme” migrants are crossing into the US as he offered an “unfiltered” view of the ongoing crisis.
Musk — the owner of X, formerly of Twitter — was accompanied by Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) during his visit to Eagle Pass, a city that declared a state of emergency last week over the unprecedented arrival of thousands of migrants.
Wearing a cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses, Musk livestreamed his firsthand observations and told Gonzales that while he is “extremely pro-immigrant,” he doesn’t believe people should be allowed to enter the US if they are “breaking the law.”
“To be clear, we’re both very much in favor of expanded legal immigration. I think anyone who is hardworking and honest and is really gonna add to … the economy, we should let them in,” Musk said.
“But what we’re seeing here are in some cases some pretty extreme individuals coming through … obviously not suggesting everyone is like this.”
Musk then mentioned how he heard a man hopped the border with facial tattoos, including tearsdrops, which he said “means they have murdered someone and they are so proud of having murdered someone that they tattoo — one tear on their face for every one person that they killed.” --->READ MORE HERE
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images / Getty Images
Elon Musk says border situation 'insane' after visiting Eagle Pass, Texas:
Tech billionaire Elon Musk is deeply concerned about illegal immigration through the Mexican border.
Musk visited the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday and has since spoken out about his concerns regarding the illegal immigration crisis.
The social media mogul said of the border Friday that the "situation is beyond insane and growing fast."
Musk, who owns Tesla, SpaceX and X, has shown significant interest in the ongoing crisis along the border and has been posting about it frequently on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.
Musk toured the border along the bank of the Rio Grande with Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, to see firsthand the ongoing migrant crisis, which he has called a "serious issue." --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Elon Musk suggests a Trump-style wall should be built at the US-Mexico border to control immigration+++++

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