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Leftists Want the Same Massacre to Happen Here: Too bad if the truth scares you; Congress Can End the Nonprofit Status of Pro-Hamas Groups: The IRS has allowed Pro-Hamas groups to benefit from tax-exempt status

Leftists Want the Same Massacre to Happen Here
Too bad if the truth scares you.
Understand that our foreign and domestic enemies not only eagerly support the frenzy of rape and murder we saw in Israel but that they want it repeated here in America. When they talk about “the consequences of colonialization” or complain that Israel has defended itself, they are normalizing mass atrocities by their purported allies against their actual enemies. Their enemies in Israel are Jews – men, women, and children – and here, their enemies are normal Americans – again, men, women and children. Denial simply empowers these monsters, and attempts by the goo-goos to appeal to our enemies’ morality, or to point out facts and argue in good faith, will end in abject failure. What matters to our enemies is that we suffer and die. Nothing less will satisfy them.
They want you dead, horribly. Your family as well. Too bad if the truth scares you. You can deny it, but you’re only fooling yourself – and probably not even yourself.
How do I know they want us dead? They tell me on social media, where the fellow travelers of the brave warriors who take on unarmed women and children cheer on the atrocities. What do you think they mean by “decolonialization”? They mean you deceased. But they also tell us by their actions. Why do you think that Soros DAs free rapists and murderers? Why do you think they only vigorously pursue their political enemies and those who use self-defense to protect themselves from criminals? Why do you think they are dedicated to seeing us disarmed? We’re not murdering people – and they do not care about the people who actually are. Their top priority is to see that we do not have the means to protect ourselves – via cops, via the legal system, or via our guns. There is only one possible conclusion for anyone who is not in willful denial. It’s just hard for some people to accept, but take a look at the people giddy over Hamas’s savagery and you cannot come to any other conclusion. Do you think someone who wants to make sure you cannot fight back wants you alive or dead? Because wanting you defenseless is only consistent with wanting you dead.
At least we still have guns. The Israeli families did not have guns – contrary to popular belief, owning a gun was nearly impossible in Israel until they saw the light over the last few days. And that foolishness got hundreds killed. Even a couple guys with rifles – most adult Israelis have served – could have changed the whole dynamic. You have seen the videos taken by terrified future victims of the cowards strolling through the towns without a care in the world. But imagine someone engaging them from a building with an M4. Outgunned? Yeah, he would be – unless all the citizens had a gun, like in Texas. The fact is that when there is return fire, the situation changes dramatically for the attackers – and it did where armed Israelis confronted them. When they come under fire, instead of walking from house to house butchering kids and grandmas they have to take cover and engage the shooter(s). Remember how two half-wits with handguns shut down Boston? Armed citizens turn the tables on packs of semihuman savages.
The gun control thing is part and parcel of the left’s campaign to delegitimize any resistance to the leftists’ exterminationist agenda. You see it in their demands that Israel forgo violence, but it is not because they believe violence is illegitimate. As we have seen, they support violence. They just want to morally corral Israel so that it cannot fight back, because fighting back and killing the terrorists who slaughtered the innocents is an effective means of preventing future attempts at genocide.
Here in America, where they hope to someday repeat this monstrosity against us “colonizers,” their initial means is defunding cops and preventing any prosecution of criminal acts, as well as the aforementioned attempts to disarm us. Again, what is the end state you want if you wish rapists and murderers to be wandering free, unpunished, with no cops, and with the normal folks disarmed? Perhaps more rape and murder? Certainly that’s not a recipe for less. --->READ MORE HERE
Congress Can End the Nonprofit Status of Pro-Hamas Groups
The IRS has allowed Pro-Hamas groups to benefit from tax-exempt status.
“We give our heart, we give our life, we give our blood to the Palestinian people,” Manolo De Los Santos of The People’s Forum declared at a pro-Hamas rally in Manhattan. “Continue to resist. We stand with you. By any means necessary.”
“By any means,” the crowd chanted. A code phrase for violence and terrorism.
“We will use whatever we have in our hands,: De Los Santos continued. “A rock or something else. We will defend the Palestinian people.”
DeSantos had previously tweeted a celebratory Hamas video using paragliders and then armed terrorists attacking Israel with the message, “Long Live the Palestinian Resistance!”
In an official statement, The People’s Forum described the Hamas attacks that murdered over 1,000 Israeli civilians, the elderly, women and children, as an “unprecedented liberation struggle” by “Palestinian resistance factions”.
When it isn’t supporting the rape of women and the kidnapping of children, it’s promoting North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, and celebrating the “hopes and aspirations of more than a million people who joined the American Communist Party.”
And The People’s Forum is also a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit approved by the IRS.
If the name sounds like a Chinese Communist front group, that’s because it’s funded by a Maoist millionaire named Neville Roy Singham who operates out of China and funds a network of organizations like The People’s Forum. Singham’s office faces “a red banner that reads, in Chinese, ‘Always Follow the Party.’ Resting on a shelf is a plate depicting Xi.”
Also there at the pro-Hamas rally in Manhattan was Nodutdol: a pro-North Korean organization demanding the “reunification” of Korea. South Korea has accused Nodutdol of being controlled by North Korea. The organization has claimed that North Korean defectors who risked their lives to escape are guilty of “imperialist propaganda” and that claims of atrocities are fictional. Despite that Nodutdol is embedded within the DSA and often takes part in pro-terrorist rallies.
On the same day as the Hamas attack, Nodutol tweeted “power to every Palestinian fighting for their freedom, and glory to every martyr who dies fighting. For every martyr that falls, a new one will rise.” Like The People’s Forum, Nodutol is a 501(c)(3) IRS approved tax-exempt charity. --->READ MORE HERE
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