Sunday, October 22, 2023

Do Our Adversaries Fear Biden? They Did Trump; The World was Safer Under Donald Trump

Do our adversaries fear Biden? They did Trump:
Luck is the residue of design, they say. Might it also be the residue of frightening and confusing foreign adversaries?
Donald Trump’s relatively crisis-free presidency in foreign affairs has created a sense, perhaps an accurate one, that he cowed enemies into not challenging the United States.
As Sen. Tom Cotton has pointed out, Kabul didn’t collapse on Trump’s watch, Russia didn’t invade Ukraine, and Hamas didn’t launch a historic terror attack on Israel.
Now this may have just been good fortune. Four years isn’t a large sample size.
But the argument that adversaries feared him and therefore acted with a measure of restraint is quite intuitive.
No one is going to mistake Trump for Cardinal Richelieu or Henry Kissinger.
His view of the world was highly personal and reflected a few obsessions, especially the notion that we were getting ripped off by foreigners.
His trade war with China was a waste of time, and his commitment to NATO was genuinely in doubt.
Yet despite the feeling of chaos created by his constant shoot-from-the-hip bombast, things basically stayed on the rails.
The fact Trump was erratic and took perceived slights so seriously made it difficult to know how he would react to any given provocation. --->READ MORE HERE
The world was safer under Donald Trump:
In a new CNBC poll, only 31 percent of respondents approved of Joe Biden’s handling of foreign policy. Is anyone surprised?
When Biden took office, the world was at peace and our enemies on guard. Today, the U.S. is embroiled in two wars — in Ukraine and Israel — and nervously awaits Chinese aggression against Taiwan. The White House, according to Axios reporting, is “rattled,” “worried about so many overseas conflicts at once.”
So are Americans, and they hold the president responsible. The U.S. and its western allies are bogged down in Ukraine, with the battle against Russia handicapped by Biden’s constant dithering over delivering critical weapons. As the financial and humanitarian toll mounts, there appears to be no end in sight.
At the same time, the conflict in Israel threatens to engulf the region, and is drawing in the United States. The president has moved two U.S. aircraft carriers into the region and has put 2,000 troops on alert for possible deployment. Just recently, American soldiers in Iraq and Syria have come under multiple attacks by Iranian proxies and a Navy warship reported shooting down missiles and drones fired by Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen.
In his second-only Oval Office address, Biden said, “American leadership is what holds the world together.” Yes, and most would agree that a feeble commander-in-chief barely able to finish a sentence is unable to provide that leadership. Biden has enabled and emboldened our enemies, first by demonstrating incompetence in the tragic pull-out from Afghanistan and second by his inadequate response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The jury is still out on his management of the crisis in Israel.
Biden, under heavy criticism for failing to call out Iran’s role in financing and helping to organize Hamas’s barbaric attack on the Jewish state, finally blamed the rogue state for “supporting Russia and […] supporting Hamas and other terrorist groups in the region,” saying “We’ll continue to hold them accountable.” --->READ MORE HERE
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