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DHS Admits Biden’s Border Crisis Is Making It Easier For Terrorists To Enter America; Hamas Attack Is A Warning To America About The Risks Of Our Open Border; The Hamas Massacre Is A Wake-Up Call For America To Fortify Itself Against Evil

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DHS Admits Biden’s Border Crisis Is Making It Easier For Terrorists To Enter America
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) admitted in a September report that foreign terrorists are exploiting the Biden-manufactured border crisis to illegally enter the United States.
Released last month by the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the “Homeland Threat Assessment” for fiscal year 2024 includes an admission by the agency that international terrorists are looking to capitalize on the Biden administration’s open border policies and the resulting influx of illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border to enter the American homeland. Under the section titled, “Border and Immigration Security,” the report specifically noted how “[t]errorists and criminal actors may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States.”
The agency further acknowledged “individuals with potential terrorism connections” are actively attempting to enter the U.S. thanks to the ongoing crisis. Months before the 2023 fiscal year ended, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had already encountered approximately 160 individuals on the Terrorist Screening Data Set (TSDS), or “watchlist” — more than the 100 or so encountered in the entirety of the 2022 fiscal year. According to the report, “Inclusion in the TSDS ranges from known associates of watchlisted individuals, such as family members, to individuals directly engaged in terrorist activity.”
Despite proclaiming support for a “secure” border, President Joe Biden and his administration have routinely dismantled policies that helped stymie the ongoing crisis. In addition to auctioning off border wall construction materials, Biden moved to gut the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy shortly after taking office. That policy required illegal border crossers seeking asylum to stay in the Latin American country until their court hearing.
It’s estimated that nearly 7 million illegal immigrants have been “encountered” at the U.S.-Mexico border since Biden took office, according to the New York Post. And that doesn’t even include the potentially millions of “gotaways” who evaded capture by CBP agents. --->READ MORE HERE
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Hamas Attack Is A Warning To America About The Risks Of Our Open Border:
The Biden administration’s lax approach to border security exacerbates existing threats from Hamas, Hezbollah, and China.
There are 32 miles of border separating Gaza from Israel. Since my first visit to that border in 1984, it’s been heavily fortified, with walls, fences, and surveillance systems backed up by soldiers and law enforcement. That system was overwhelmed in a matter of minutes in the early Sabbath hours of Oct. 7 as thousands of Hamas terrorists breached the border barrier in some two dozen places, pouring out to massacre, behead, rape, and capture hostages in an orgy of violence.
The number of civilians, including several Americans, Hamas murdered in Israel is proportionately more than 10 times that of those killed by al-Qaeda in its terror attack on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.
America’s border with Mexico stretches 1,954 miles, about 61 times longer than Israel’s frontier with Gaza. By comparison, the U.S. population is about 35 times that of Israel while its land mass is about 444 times that of Israel. Israel’s border barrier was swamped in a coordinated military attack, with the bodies of at least 1,500 Hamas terrorists found along the border so far. Meanwhile, the far longer and far more porous U.S.-Mexico border sees a constant stream of illegal migrants, often numbering more than 10,000 in a day.
Since Joe Biden became president in 2021, there have been 1.5 million known “gotaways” on the border, on top of 2.3 million illegal immigrants allowed into America, the majority of whom came over the southern border.
Among that flow of humanity are dangerous people who mean us harm. There were 15 suspects on the FBI’s terror watchlist arrested on the southern border in 2021, 98 in 2022, and 151 so far this year — and those are the dumb terrorists who got caught. In all likelihood, hundreds have eluded detection and are now living in America. Contrast that with 11 terror watchlist arrests on the southern border during the preceding four years under Trump. --->READ MORE HERE

+++++The Hamas Massacre Is A Wake-Up Call For America To Fortify Itself Against Evil+++++

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