Monday, October 2, 2023

Billions for Tests and Jabs Sure to Go to Waste: Federal COVID-iocy Marches On; New COVID Poll: Democrats have a ‘particularly negative’ Outlook, are Most Likely to Keep Wearing Masks, and other C-Virus related stories

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Billions for tests and jabs sure to go to waste: Federal COVID-iocy marches on:
COVID is now just another background illness, yet Team Biden keeps acting — and spending — as if it’s still early 2021.
The latest: $600 million on free at-home COVID tests.
Huh? The bug is far less dangerous now: If you’re sick, whether it’s COVID or the regular flu, just stay home. (In rare cases where it gets really bad or if you’re immune-challenged, of course, respond appropriately.)
There’s no point to mass testing, let alone free home delivery: Tests are now ample and cheap.
Congress rightly refused new funding for this waste, prompting an all-too-telling tweet from President Joe Biden’s ex-chief of staff, Ron Klain, grousing that the prez “had to take from other vital health needs.”
That is, Joe’s not only wasting this cash (how many of the tests will even get used before they expire?), he’s taking it from more important purposes.
This follows even crazier Biden spending on new vaccines and boosters — billions on jabs of dubious efficacy and safety, most of which will expire unused, just as happened a year ago. --->READ MORE HERE
New COVID poll: Democrats have a ‘particularly negative’ outlook, are most likely to keep wearing masks:
People are becoming more concerned about COVID-19 amid the recent uptick in cases and new variants, according to Gallup’s latest quarterly poll.
Gallup polled more than 5,000 U.S. adults between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5.
Thirty percent of respondents said they believe the pandemic is getting worse — up from 5% in late May/early June and 8% in February, according to a news release on Gallup’s website.
Although Gallup noted that this is the "highest rate of pessimism" since July 2022, it is far more positive than in 2020, when up to 73% of Americans said the pandemic was getting worse.
Despite the increase of worried Americans, the largest share (41%) said they believe the COVID situation is improving.
Another 30% said it is remaining the same, Gallup noted.
About 25% of people in the U.S. said they are at least "somewhat" worried about getting infected with COVID, up from 18% in May/June.
Thirty-six percent are "not too worried," and 37% are "not worried at all," the poll found. --->READ MORE HERE
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