Saturday, October 21, 2023

Amid Hamas Horror, It’s Time to Replace Terror-Supporting United Nations; The U.N. Is Worthless
Amid Hamas horror, it’s time to replace terror-supporting United Nations:
The United Nations is useless.
The United States is pouring more than $12 billion a year of our tax money down the UN rathole and squandering a better opportunity.
The dream behind the UN’s founding, to provide an international forum for peaceful cooperation and the prevention of war, doesn’t have to be discarded.
America should lead the democratic nations to establish a new forum and junk the UN.
Those two letters have come to stand for Useless Nations — or worse, Unethical Nations.
The UN lends legitimacy to ruthless, despotic regimes and even a terrorist organization, Hamas.
The Gaza crisis shows the UN’s true colors.
For years the body refused to label Hamas what it is — a terrorist organization like ISIS and al Qaeda.
In 2018, then-UN Ambassador Nikki Haley sounded the alarm about Hamas’ plans to attack Israeli communities, even alleging evidence of maps and raid plans.
Haley urged the terrorist designation, but the UN refused to act.
Last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned Hamas’ terror attack.
But Guterres has also aggressively criticized Israel’s impending invasion of Gaza to rout out Hamas.
That’s no surprise.
The UN has long been biased against Israel and captive of the world’s most despotic regimes.
What is surprising is how President Joe Biden kowtows to the UN, as if it merits respect.
In 2021, the year he entered the White House, Biden told the UN General Assembly America is “back at the table,” pursuing “relentless diplomacy” and embracing globalist goals.
And he came bearing money.
The United States provides a fifth of the international organization’s budget, the largest contributor. --->READ MORE HERE
Carlo Allegri/Reuters
The U.N. Is Worthless:
The United Nations Charter devotes twelve articles to preventing and responding to “threats to” and “breaches of the peace” and “acts of aggression.” All of them are worthless.
At a closed-door meeting of the U.N. Security Council over the weekend, the United States pressed all permanent and rotating members to condemn “these heinous terrorist attacks committed by Hamas.” But the UNSC produced no unanimous statement. While Russia denies the charge, the United States alleged that Moscow’s ambassador declined to produce a robust statement condemning Hamas’s actions alone. The Chinese mission to the U.N. reportedly would support only a watery collection of ambiguities that condemned “all attacks against civilians,” which would only minimize Israel’s unprecedented experience.
On Monday, the United Nations Human Rights Council could only muster some enthusiasm for condemning Israel. It held a moment of silence memorializing only “the loss of innocent lives in the occupied Palestinian territory and elsewhere.” What followed was an attack on Israel for maintaining an administrative cordon around Gaza, which has been occupied by a terrorist regime charter-bound to the destruction of Israel and the murder of its citizens. The barrier is responsible for “breeding violence,” said Pakistan’s deputy permanent representative to the U.N. in Geneva, Ambassador Zaman Mehdi. The statement effectively blames the Israelis who were shot, beheaded, had their throats slit, or were burned alive for provoking their slaughterers. --->READ MORE HERE
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