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7 Potential Side Effects From the Updated COVID Vaccine to Anticipate; Study: COVID-19 Vaccines 'May Trigger' Rheumatic Inflammatory Diseases, and other C-Virus related stories

7 Potential Side Effects From the Updated COVID Vaccine to Anticipate:
You just got your COVID-19 shot, and you’re feeling like crap. You know it’s worth it, but BOY, it doesn’t feel that way.
That’s a common reaction: A recent study found that 30-90% of people who got the COVID vaccine experienced some type of side effect, which can appear within 1–3 days after you get immunized.
But even they’re no fun, side effects can be an excellent sign your shot is starting to protect you. A brand new study (a pre-print, meaning it has yet to be peer-reviewed and so should not be seen as final or definitive) from researchers at the University of California San Francisco, found that if you have chills, fatigue, fever and/or headache after your vaccine, your body makes more antibodies against the virus compared to those who didn’t have side effects (these antibodies are detectable at both one month and six months following immunization.) The study reports that the more of these symptoms you have, the more antibodies you’ll have; also, if your heart rate increases and your skin feels warm, that’s a further indication that your immune system is revving up.
CDC recommends that everyone ages 6 months & up get the updated #COVID19 #vaccine to protect against serious illness.
This new vaccine is a better match to protect against the most common variants circulating now.
“Evidence does suggest that local and systemic reactions to the COVID shot may mean they are building more robust protection,” says Onyema Ogbuagu, MBBCh, FACP, FIDSA, a COVID vaccine/infectious disease expert and assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT.
Just as with all vaccines, a COVID shot mobilizes your body’s immune response. Your immune system’s job is to battle any germ or virus that enters your body, and when you get vaccinated (in this case, with mRNA or a protein subunit) the shot creates antibodies that recognize the latest strain of COVID. If you are exposed to the actual virus, your immune system will “remember” the germ or virus you were immunized against, and send out those antibodies to fight it.
Potential side effects of the 2023 vaccine: --->READ MORE HERE
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COVID-19 Vaccines 'May Trigger' Rheumatic Inflammatory Diseases: Study
A new review suggests that COVID vaccines "may trigger" rheumatic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, vasculitis, lupus, and adult-onset Still's disease.
On average, patients developed rheumatic diseases 11 days after vaccine administration, according to the study. Seventy-five (over 27 percent) of these patients experienced total disease remission, and about 50 percent improved following treatment. Eight were admitted to intensive care, and two died from their symptoms.
"The short time span between COVID-19 vaccine administration and the onset of R-IMIDs suggests the potential possibility of a cause-and-effect relationship," the authors wrote.
Rheumatic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (R-IMIDs) involve inflammation that manifests in the joints, tendons, muscles, and bones due to an unknown cause.
The study, led by researchers from the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, examined 271 participants from 190 case studies published worldwide.
Over 80 percent of the patients developed symptoms after their first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and most were treated and improved with corticosteroids.
Almost 57 percent of the injured patients received the Pfizer vaccine, nearly a quarter received the AstraZeneca vaccine, and 12 percent of the rheumatic diseases manifested after the administration of the Moderna vaccine. --->READ MORE HERE
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