Wednesday, September 13, 2023

UKRaine Counter-Offensive Will Press On in Face of Worsening Weather; UKR's Defence Forces Take Over Part of Opytne; UKR Makes Advances in Donetsk-Zaporizhzhia; UKR’s Forces Kill 3,970 Invaders, Destroy 866 Units of RUssian Military Equipment in Past Week, LIVE UPDATES and MORE
Ukraine's military intelligence chief says counter-offensive will press on in face of worsening weather
Ukraine's counter-offensive against the Russian invasion forces will continue even after the onset of cold and wet weather, and even if it becomes more difficult to fight, the head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence or HUR Kyrylo Budanov has said.
"Combat actions will continue in one way or another," the HUR chief told news agency Reuters.
“In the cold, wet and mud, it’s more difficult to fight. (But) fighting will continue. The counter-offensive will continue.”
He added that the counter-offensive is taking place in several areas, while acknowledging that progress is slower than he had wanted, and describing the situation as difficult.
In addition to the huge concentration of Russian mines, he cited the large number of small Russian kamikaze drones as a key factor that has slowed Ukraine's progress so far.
Ukrainian counteroffensive – Latest
Earlier, U.S. newspaper the New York Times reported that a new phase of Ukraine's counter-offensive has begun, with the main thrust coming from the southeast, where Ukrainian soldiers are gradually advancing through minefields while under attack by Russian aircraft.
According to UK newspaper the Financial Times, Ukraine changed its tactics after "chaos" at the beginning of the counter-offensive, and now Ukrainian forces are focusing on striking Russian defensive positions with heavy artillery and are achieving tangible results. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's Defence Forces take over part of Opytne:
Within the course of a blitz operation, the Defence Forces of Ukraine have taken a part of the settlement of Opytne to the south of the city of Avdiivka under Ukraine’s control. Fighting is ongoing in the settlement.
Source: Vitalii Barabash, head of the Avdiivka City Military Administration, in the 24/7 national newscast
Quote: "In general, the situation along the defence line around the city [of Avdiivka – ed.] remains very tense. The Russians are pressing in from the north. We have success in the south, near the settlement of Opytne. This success is very significant, in my opinion. The Russians have let their guard down on the southern front.
For two days they have been very active to the north of the city. When they were concentrated to the north during assault actions, the guys [Defence Forces – ed.] held, in my opinion, a lightning-fast storm operation, and our guys finally took over a part of Opytne, gaining foothold there. The fighting is ongoing in the settlement.
We hope that the village of Opytne will be fully under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shortly." --->READ MORE HERE
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