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The Feds Just Messed With Texas Over Buoys — And Sided With Cartel-Driven Mexico; Biden's Lawsuit Against Texas' Border Buoys Doesn't Hold Water

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The Feds Just Messed With Texas Over Buoys — And Sided With Cartel-Driven Mexico:
As Washington, D.C., refuses to defend Texas, and even sides with Texas’ foreign antagonists over a buoy barrier meant to prevent illegal immigration, it brings to mind when Rome abandoned Britain.
In the violence and decay of late antiquity, with the Dark Ages rushing in alongside the barbarian armies, the far-flung peoples and provinces of Rome turned to the empire for help. Among them were the cities of Britain, for centuries a jewel of the empire, and now menaced by the shadow of conquest, pillage, and rape. An appeal for aid went forth, and in the year A.D. 410, so the historian Zosimus tells us, an answer came back from the Emperor Honorius. The answer was short and simple and laden with doom: You’re on your own.
The so-called Rescript of Honorius is the commonly accepted end of Roman rule in Britain, and it is worth emphasizing what it signifies. Britain did not leave Rome; rather, Rome abandoned Britain. The compact of ruler and ruled was broken by the center’s refusal to defend its province.
What may seem hyperbolic at first glance is dragged into banal reality by observation of the border-buoy fracas presently unfolding — and by the actions of the United States Department of Justice against Texas, and on behalf of a Mexican state that is at this point largely a cartel-driven syndicate. That characterization of the Mexican state is unfortunately accurate, with the president of Mexico himself in more or less open alliance with the Sinaloa Cartel and a frequent apologist for cartel actions in general. His example is followed down the chain to local authorities, especially on the border: Ask any Texas-side law-enforcement professional (and we have), and almost none of them will express confidence in the honesty or integrity of his Mexican counterparts.
The buoy barrier was placed in the Rio Grande outside Eagle Pass, Texas, after years of federal refusal to control the human-trafficking crisis. As that crisis metastasized with the cartel takeover of the Mexican state, the positive obligation of Texas to defend its citizenry compelled it to act, and, with the barrier, it did so within its own constitutional powers. Though there is no question that Texas and Texans would prefer the federal government simply do its job, it is an expression of the genius of the founders that we have recourse to other levels of government when it will not. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden's lawsuit against Texas' border buoys doesn't hold water:
Texas has the power and duty to defend its citizens when the feds can't or won't
A federal district judge’s admonishment of attorneys for the state of Texas on Tuesday was portrayed in the media as a loss for Gov. Greg Abbott and his border-securing Operation Lone Star.
It wasn’t. If anything, it was the Department of Justice’s case that floundered.
DOJ sued Texas last month over the buoy barriers placed in the Rio Grande, contending the federal government should have been consulted, and further, that the buoys are "offensive" to the Mexican government.
And while the central premise of the federal government’s case was that it had regulatory authority over the Rio Grande as a navigable waterway, DOJ lawyers failed to prove it’s navigable (as was pointed out in the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s amicus brief on behalf of 22 members of Congress).
In a Tuesday hearing, U.S. District Judge David A. Ezra appeared uninterested in evidence that the Biden administration has abandoned the southern U.S. border and ceded control to the criminal cartels.
"This is a United States District Court. It is not Congress. It is not the president," Ezra said. "I’m not here to engage in nor do I have any inclination to engage in any type of political comment in this decision."
That’s not a loss; that’s a win for Texas’ case – because legally, Texas by itself has the power and the duty to defend its citizens when the federal government cannot or will not. Taking politics out of the equation is exactly what Texas needs. --->READ MORE HERE
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