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Study: Transgender Surgeries Tripled After Obama Forced Insurance Companies to Cover Expenses; Thousands of Minors Have Received ‘Gender-Affirming Surgeries’

Study: Transgender Surgeries Tripled After Obama Forced Insurance Companies to Cover Expenses:
The number of transgender surgeries nearly tripled in the U.S. starting in 2018 after the Obama administration forced health insurance companies to cover the costs and doctors and hospitals rushed in to reap the rewards of the expensive procedures, a study finds.
The “National Estimates of Gender-Affirming Surgery in the US” study by Columbia University published in August by JAMA finds that transgender-affirming surgeries soared from 4,550 in 2016 to 13,000 by 2019.
“Consistent with prior studies, we identified a remarkable increase in the number” of procedures, study author Dr. Jason Wright wrote.
“These findings suggest that the number of procedures performed in the US has increased dramatically, nearly tripling from 2016 to 2019,” Wright added.
The numbers then doubled twice more between 2000 and 2005 and from 2006 to 2011.
Wright said that the steep rise in the number of surgeries “is likely due in part to federal and state laws requiring coverage of transition-related care.”
The Obama administration first announced in 2014 an end to the 33-year ban on Medicare coverage of transgender care. Then, in 2018, Obamacare extended that policy and forced insurance companies to cover all trans surgeries. --->READ MORE HERE
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Thousands of Minors Have Received ‘Gender-Affirming Surgeries’:
A new study has been published by the Journal of the American Medical Association about the number of people who have had “gender-affirming” surgeries — including minors — between 2016-2019. The numbers are startling:
A total of 48 019 patients who underwent GAS were identified, including 25 099 (52.3%) who were aged 19 to 30 years. The most common procedures were breast and chest procedures, which occurred in 27 187 patients (56.6%), followed by genital reconstruction (16 872 [35.1%]) and other facial and cosmetic procedures (6669 [13.9%]).
The absolute number of GAS procedures rose from 4552 in 2016 to a peak of 13 011 in 2019 and then declined slightly to 12 818 in 2020. Overall, 25 099 patients (52.3%) were aged 19 to 30 years, 10 476 (21.8%) were aged 31 to 40, and 3678 (7.7%) were aged 12 to 18 years. When stratified by the type of procedure performed, breast and chest procedures made up a greater percentage of the surgical interventions in younger patients, while genital surgical procedures were greater in older patients. [Emphasis added.]
It is worth noting that for some strange reason, the analysis included the younger category at ages 12–18, when it would have been much more elucidating to segregate minors 12–17 so we could know for sure how many children are having mastectomies, facial reconstructions, and genital redesigns. But it is clear that children’s bodies are being surgically altered. Indeed, another study out of Vanderbilt University found that 489 minors — ages 12–17, median age 16 — had mastectomies in 2019.
How many of the 3,678 surgeries between ages 12–18 were of the genitals? According to the report, “405 patients (11.0%) aged 12 to 18 years underwent genital surgery.” I suspect — hope — that most of these were age 18, but surely not all. If I am right, that means at least some minors have had their genitals destroyed, rendering them infertile and almost surely incapable of orgasm for the rest of their lives. --->READ MORE HERE
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