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Only Fat Dumb Criminals Can Make the Air Force ‘Diverse’; If Diversity Makes Us Stronger, Why Does It Require Lower Standards; Air Force System Exists Just To Track ‘Progress’ In Diversity

Only Fat Dumb Criminals Can Make the Air Force ‘Diverse’:
If diversity makes us stronger, why does it require lower standards?
Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown Jr, Biden’s nominee to replace Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had signed off on a memo to impose a 43% quota for white male officers in the Air Force. That would be catastrophic at a time when the Air Force is struggling with recruitment, faces a shortage of over 1,000 pilots and 86% of its pilots are white men.
Brown, who claimed that America is racist and that he faced racism when someone questioned whether he was parked in the right spot, has been obsessed with remaking the Air Force in his own image. Even with only 1 out of 2 key aircraft and bombers ready to fly, the woke chief of staff has emphasized diversity in hiring and promotion at the expense of merit and ability.
Now a Rand report funded by the Air Force shows what it will take to achieve diversity. And diversity, which is more important than winning, won’t be achieved as long as the Air Force clings to basic qualifiers like weight, test scores and no criminal record.
“The most-important barriers for all gender and racial and ethnic groupings,” the report argues, are the Air Force’s “BMI” or Body Mass Index and “height requirements” as well as the “minimum standards” for the Armed Forces Qualification Test and education standards.
Earlier this year, the Air Force had lowered BMI standards from 20% for men to 26% and from 28% for women to 36% for women. And in 2020, the Air Force had dropped a waiver for a minimum 5’4 height requirement for pilots in order to attract more women. There were also complaints that aircraft had been designed around the height of the average white man.
The fighter jets of tomorrow will need to come in a variety of height and weight cockpits to accommodate every possible body shape no matter how impractical that may be.
“For black men, the greatest barrier is the AFQT and education requirement, which decreases their representation by roughly 3.5 percentage points. For Hispanic men, the BMI and height requirements decrease their representation by more than 2 percentage points,” the Rand report notes.
Armed Forces Qualification Test score standards have already been lowered. The Navy will be accepting those who score as low as “the 10th percentile, lower than 90 percent of all test results”. --->READ MORE HERE
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Air Force System Exists Just To Track ‘Progress’ In Diversity
The Air Force is developing a system that tracks changes in the percentages of racial minorities and women who join and advance through the Air Force to evaluate whether the service is achieving its so-called Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) goals, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.
A “DEIA Progress Dashboard” will be “highlighting and tracking [the Department of the Air Force’s] progress towards addressing racial, ethnic, and gender disparities,” according to a background paper included in records the DCNF obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request. The tool helps users assess whether the Air Force is adhering to DEIA principles, generating a “score card” on each area of focus indicating how many disparity gaps are closing, according to the documents.
“The dashboard should be used … as a tool to drive meaningful discussion, reflection, and initiative generation centered around ground-truth facts,” the backgrounder, dated Feb. 28, 2023, states.
The dashboard enables analytics and analysis of year-over-year data to pinpoint specific areas among entrances, promotions, retention and other elements of the Air Force where disparities occur, according to the backgrounder.
The Air Force’s diversity office began work on the dashboard in an effort to increase “transparency and accountability” following the release in 2020 and 2021 of Racial Disparity Reviews, according to the documents. In categories of accessions, retention and career opportunities, women and racial-ethnic minority groups were often underrepresented, the reviews found.
“A disparity exists when the proportion of a racial-ethnic or gender group within a subset of a population is different from the proportion of the majority group subset” or the general Air Force population, according to the service’s Inspector General. --->READ MORE HERE
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