Friday, September 8, 2023

Migrant Services Company DocGo, Subject of NY Probe, Seeking $4B Federal Contract; DocGo Used Unregistered Guards at Migrant Hotels, N.Y. Officials Charge

Migrant services company DocGo, subject of NY probe, seeking $4B federal contract:
The migrant services company DocGo is looking to use its multimillion-dollar deal with City Hall to springboard to a massive $4 billion contract with the feds.
CEO Anthony Capone said at a trade conference in Boston last month that DocGo’s $432 million no-bid emergency contract with the Big Apple has given it the “credibility” to go up for the federal arrangement to provide medical services to migrants at the southern border.
“Now that we are one of the largest care providers for asylum seekers in the country,” Capone said at the Canaccord Genuity’s 43rd annual growth conference in August. “It gives us enormous credibility. And we have references from the city who handles the largest amount.”
“Our application is a lot stronger,” Capone said of the for-profit company.
DocGo was awarded an emergency contract by Mayor Eric Adams’ administration in March to arrange food, medical care and migrant housing but recently came under scrutiny after complaints of mistreatment reached the governor’s office last month.
Gov. Kathy Hochul ordered a review of the non-competitive contract, and the state attorney general opened an investigation into the claims.
DocGo, the New York-based COVID testing-turned-migrant-services firm, has signed up roughly 3,000 migrants for New York State Medicaid over the past few months. --->READ MORE HERE
Credit...Cindy Schultz for The New York Times
DocGo Used Unregistered Guards at Migrant Hotels, N.Y. Officials Charge:
More than 50 security guards hired to protect asylum seekers bused upstate from New York City by a troubled migrant contractor are working without proper authorization, a New York Department of State investigation found.
The department on Friday notified the two security companies that hired the guards — Trace Assets Protection Service L.L.C. and Wawanda Investigations and Security Company L.L.C. — that they had two business days to respond or face possible suspension or revocation of their licenses to conduct business in New York, according to letters obtained by The New York Times.
Whitney A. Clark, Deputy Secretary of State for Business Development, said in her letters to the security companies that it had preliminarily concluded that 52 guards — 16 in Erie County and 36 in Albany County — lacked proper authorization and were in violation of state law. In some cases, it was not even clear if the guards were employees of the two security firms.
“Please take notice that the continued employment of the above individuals, unless properly registered with the Department, is a continued and willful violation of law,” Ms. Clark wrote.
The two companies were subcontractors hired by DocGo, a medical services company that was awarded a $432 million, no-bid contract by New York City to help manage an influx of tens of thousands of asylum seekers.
The company’s work with migrants has been under scrutiny since The New York Times reported on its treatment of migrants: Some asylum seekers said they were given bogus work authorization papers, were told they’d get legal help that never materialized and faced repeated threats, including from security guards, at hotels that more resembled halfway houses than residences. --->READ MORE HERE
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