Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Hundreds of Migrants Line Up Daily at NYC Fed Building Desperate for Services and Benefits; New York Mayor Eric Adams Warns that Migrants will ‘destroy New York City’

Hundreds of migrants line up daily at NYC fed building desperate for services and benefits:
Hundreds of asylum seekers flock to a Lower Manhattan federal building in the pre-dawn hours each day in a desperate bid to get benefits, services and keep court appointments — as confusion continues to reign during the Big Apple migrant crisis.
The massive queue, nearly entirely made of migrants bused to the five boroughs from the US border, forms outside the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building every morning.
Those who join are seeking everything from asylum to work permits — with scores of them pitching up and spending the night on the sidewalk and using the nearby bushes as a toilet.
Many told The Post Thursday they were told to come back another day — while others were simply turned away.
“I have a court appointment,” said one Ecuadorean migrant who waited in line with her two children. “They turned me back because my husband [is] not here. They say he has to be with us. Right now the man said he can’t put the three of us through. We have to be the full four.”
Ousmane Coulibaly, a 34-year-old Senegalese migrant, waited by the courthouse from 10 p.m. Wednesday to apply for a work permit — something not yet available to her.
“I sleep on the ground,” he said Thursday morning. “I see two people and we go and grab some boxes and we sleep here. I say, ‘Let me come and see if they can help me to get a work permit. I want to work and take care of myself.'” --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey
New York Mayor Eric Adams warns that migrants will ‘destroy New York City’:
New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday that the migrants arriving rapidly in New York will “destroy” his city.
The mayor’s comments marked a significant escalation in his rhetoric and offered a new challenge to the Biden administration, which has failed to stop the surge of people and has failed to offer the kind of financial support Mr. Adams and other local officials say is needed to accommodate all the new arrivals.
“I don’t see an ending to this,” Mr. Adams said at a community meeting. “This issue will destroy New York City.”
He said the city is getting 10,000 new migrants a month, which he has calculated will cost the city $12 billion over three years to live up to local laws that guarantee housing and other government services to everyone, regardless of legal status.
“Every service in this city is going to be impacted,” the Democratic mayor said.
He complained about “what they’re trying to do to us” — seemingly a jab at the Biden administration.
“It’s going to come to your neighborhoods. All of us are going to be impacted by this,” he said. “The city we knew, we’re about to lose.”
That sounded strikingly similar to the complaints of some Republicans, who say the pressing numbers of newcomers overwhelm the ability of the U.S. to welcome and assimilate them all. --->READ MORE HERE
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