Thursday, September 7, 2023

Exposing the Hoax Numbers Behind California’s Racial Reparations: The Reparations Task Force Accidentally Makes a Case for Payments to White People; Slavery Reparations are a Divisive Waste of Time

Exposing the Hoax Numbers Behind California’s Racial Reparations:
The reparations task force accidentally makes a case for payments to white people.
When California’s reparations task force released its report recommending $1.2 million in total lifetime payments to every black person, it made headlines around the world.
California was not a slave state so what was the $1.2 million payout even based on? Even though the task force conveniently proposed limiting payments to the descendants of slaves (despite the lack of slaves in the state) it was mostly based on calculating the differences in life expectancy between black people and white people.
The meat of the 1,000 page report isn’t in the endless pages of virtue signaling, including a chapter on cultural appropriation, but the claim that “the difference in life expectancy between African Americans and white non-Hispanics in California can be interpreted as the cumulative effect of unequal treatment”. The report gets the amount of money from multiplying the value of a year of life, $127,226, by the 7.6 difference between the life expectancy of 71 years for black people and 78.6 years for white people to get $966,918 for most of the $1.2 million total.
There are any number of problems with this, but to start with the report has two different black life expectancy numbers. The reparations formula is based on a black life expectancy of 71. The opening of the report however states that “in 2021, the life expectancy of an average African American Californian was 75.1 years” while the reparations formula section describes “an African American Californian at the average life expectancy of 71 years of age”. Which is it?
Black life expectancy in California fell from 74.8 to 71 between 2019 and 2021 by some metrics, but the report uses two different numbers to show just how unreliable and selective it is.
Something else also changed during the pandemic. In 2019, Latinos had a longer life expectancy than white people. That number fell during the pandemic so that white people are now slightly ahead. Asians however are still in first place and far ahead of any other race.
The reparations task force was aware of these numbers, that’s why the report specifies “white non-Hispanics” and refuses to include any broader life expectancy context for other races . --->READ MORE HERE
Slavery reparations are a divisive waste of time:
Why are we talking about slavery reparations again? Why has this hot-button topic made its way back into the national spotlight?
Like most Americans, I am sickened by the specter of slavery and understand the horrors it wreaked on African Americans generations ago. Most of us are painfully cognizant of slavery’s ugly legacy. But to once again resurrect the idea of paying off a current generation of Black people for the sins committed by white people — and others — decades ago makes no sense at all. It is ridiculous.
The issue of slavery reparations dates to the Civil War and has always been fraught with controversy. It is back in the news because the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties recently heard testimony on a piece of legislation, H.R. 40, that proposes the creation of a federal commission to study reparations and recommend remedies for the harm caused by slavery and the discriminatory policies that followed abolition. Under the bill, the United States would have to formally apologize for the institution of slavery.
I predict that this will stir up plenty of controversy and hard feelings, but ultimately go nowhere — as usual.
We are already seeing troubling signs of companies pursuing misguided efforts related to issues of race. Coca-Cola recently came under fire for a diversity training program that essentially asked its white employees to be “less white,” whatever that means, to help eliminate racism.
Sadly, this reflects absurd liberal actions that demoralize Black Americans into self-pity while doing nothing to help them. Instead, people should feel free to be who they are and accept other people for who they are, and their beliefs or life choices, especially given that we are all children of God. --->READ MORE HERE
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